Monday, February 1, 2010

uh oh

I did a very bold thing. It was Sunday ( a week or two ago) and I was in Tesco flicking through the latest copy of British Vogue. I was more interested in the runway report than the mag, however, and loved the Topshop promotional shoots. Impressed, I considered buying Vogue, but could not part with the money due to that great pastel bore of a cover - Natalia V and lilac equals one helluva yawn. Tentatively, I picked up the runway, I did not have the audacity to take the whole thing...instead, I neatly ripped out my favourite page , the Lolita/Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver style, and you know, did a runner..

I like this a lot, not even sure why. Must be the pastel pink and love hearts and candyfloss style.
behold the crinkle from when this was folded into my bag..


Michele said...

Bahahahahahahhahaha!!!!!! Thats the greatest thing you've ever done!!!

There should be some sort of thing where you can take bits from different magazines, and make your own custom magazine...but until then, I like your way!

Eva said...

OMG!!! Can't believe it!! :D you bold bold girl :) ha ha ha, i'm with Michele it's hilarious!

Rhona said...

he he that page was totally worth being bold! I agree with you I love that page... It's quirky and chic... :)

c_u_o said...


Hilarity! Did you actually run? lol