Friday, February 12, 2010

stop all the clocks

What can one say following the death of Alexander McQueen? Like most I am lost for words. There are designers and then there are revolutionaries, extraordinary creative minds like McQueen. His work was certainly some of the most wonderful and creative seen in the industry, constantly breaking down barriers and producing work that certainly blurred the boundaries between art and fashion; a true original. I doubt we will see such theatrical yet technically brilliant works as his again. He will not be forgotten, that is for sure. In all our thoughts today, and long after.


Anonymous said...

It's terribly sad and yes, a waste of talent, but I always felt A.McQueen hated women....remember that model who collapsed at his show because she was corseted too tight, even though she was already TINY! His clothes that season were SO tight, some of the models looked grotesque and in pain!

Kat said...

yes, that is certainly true that McQueen didn't design the most feminine clothes..indeed, his designs could sometimes be called misogynistic. regardless, he was an true artist of outstanding and mesmerising proportions.