Friday, February 19, 2010

la belle dame sans merci

Pretty, pretty, pretty. I like pretty things, after all, do we not see enough of the vulgar, ugly and mundane?
 I like my art to be difficult some of the time..but you know, it is nice for a painting to fulfil its most basic purpose - to be aesthetically pleasing.
Pre - Raphaelite art..the second generation included, if not more so (think Burne - Jones and John William Waterhouse) is a particular love of mine...although, who is not overwhelmed by the utter beauty and tragedy; the juxtaposition between life and death of John Everett Millais' Ophelia? Like many females..(Pre - Raphaelite art is, I imagine, possessor of a largely feminine fan base) I adore this paining - the day I will see it in person I shall weep!
No lies...paintings have that weepy effect on me..awfully pretentious, but hey, we should all have moments when we are free to be as cheesy as we like! I am not the kind to sob into my popcorn at The Notebook, or go all gooey inside at the mere sight of a bouncing baby, but jeez, those Pre - Raphalite heroines sure know how to tug at my heart - strings.
Over the weekend, I was preparing a presentation on Tennyson's The Lady of Shalott which is a painting of the same name by Waterhouse. I spent several days trawling through Pre - Raphaelite paintings, each one making me drop my head to the side and coo: 'Awwww'. It was awfully, unashamedly girly, but those women with their pale, wistful, pitiful faces and wispy curtains of dark/auburn hair and gauzy diaphanous dresses sure do know how to melt my heart just a little bit.

Ophelia, Millais

Of course my silly little ways, have me pining for such an aesthetic. Long, long hair and floor tipping gowns and some flowers in the hair and maybe a jewel or two. Of course, tragic love story entirely optional..not exactly pining for that.

The Lady of Shalott, Waterhouse

Floaty frocks galore!


Soooali said...

Love the selection of paintings. The Stella McCartney collection is incredible.

tess said...

stella mccartney is amazing

Bertie said...

These pintings are beautiful! I also coincedently just did a post about the Etro collection - oh how I love those dresses! x have a great weekend

Romany said...

This is such a beautiful post.
I must admit, I do get weepy at films (more so now, than I used to), but it's beautiful photography that gets me everytime. A beautiful photo, or a meaningful photo is enough to have me reaching for the tissues.
Coincidentally, I'm listening to Florence right now, Rabbit Heart, so it freaked me a bit to scroll past a picture of her at the same time haha.

Romeika said...


Anonymous said...

This post is why I will forever have your superb blog bookmarked as a favorite on my laptop. You draw from such a deep pool of inspiration and manage to swing it around to modern day artists like Stella. I would love to read your take on makeup/cosmetic trends as well, if that interests you.

Annyex9 said...

The designs of Etro and Stella McCartney are amazing and beautiful! The designs of Chloe are ethereal and divine, sticking to one colour. And the paintings are beautiful and mythical too.

Couture said...

I love those paintings!