Sunday, February 21, 2010

i like your style

I had been eagerly awaiting Charles Anastase a/w collection, and boy, it did not disappoint. I don't know about you, but I find Anastase always manages to get the combination between simply wearable and daftly eccentric perfectly right. And that is my favourite combination: the usual transformed into the unusual, that's what makes clothes exciting. Saying that though, I think this collection could have the slightest sliver more of the strange than the typical.. Anastase's palette is perfect - bold primaries with blocks of black and white interspersed with coral, peach, navy and burgundy. Crazy headpieces are a sure winner with me as are Anastase's trademark platforms and the hint of a 40s' silhouette here and there. The wide trousers create a subtly 70s' feel and expanses of sheer inject a nice dose of modernity.

I always have to be a little sceptical when I look up Topshop Unique for the first time... it tends to get a bit hyped, and their last collection was not up to much at all. The inspiration for their latest collection was to be forests, campfires and girl scouts, and well it was all forests, campfires and girl scouts..but maybe visited by a grizzly bear.. On first glance I was bit 'Meh..too brown', but second time around..things suddenly seemed to have a lot more potential and beneath all the gimmicks - antlers and furry ears (definitely fun and courtesy of Emma Cook) and random fluffy bits of material - there is a helluva lot of wearability here with that typical Unique cool and well, uniqueness. The thick tights, badges, pleats, cross over bags, owl patterns and cosy knits will certainly all transpire to be happy trends of winter '10. Great stuff.


daisy kate said...

I usually hate Topshop Unique because it is all just so unwearable, and anything wearable is snapped up in seconds despite being way way WAY too overpriced for highstreet. But there are some pieces in this little lot that I can see myself lusting after! I love autumn trends. If you get a minute, check out my blog at :) Thanks! xx

LYDIA HOPE said...

Topshop Unique was lovely, can't wait to get my hands on a pair of arun knit leggings now!

I'm working Fashion Week and there have been loads of pieces I've fallen in love with :)

Soooali said...

Ooooh SO gorgeous. Can't wait to wear some of these!