Friday, January 22, 2010

thank the heavens

I have reached the point where the mere thought of a winter coat makes me angry. It appears to me, unless you have some magnificent wardrobe that contains a different coat for each day of the week, the winter coat becomes a very tedious item to wear, as lets be honest about it, the majority of us only have one or two. I'm beginning to get quite irritated with the fact that every upcoming outfit idea is suddenly shattered by the dreary reality that it's bloody cold out. With the past few weeks blended into our memories as one long cold, icy stretch surely I'm not the only one yearning for a sprinkling of soft spring sunshine and the possibility of stepping out in a little jacket or blazer and shock horror - sans scarf?

Often when I look at fashion blogs coming from a similar climate as mine, I have to wonder how they are keeping the cold out. As despite the cold snap that so many of us have endured in recent weeks, many fashion blogs didn't seemed to acknowledge in terms of their attire the freezing conditions on their doorstep. However, I'm quite sure, that they like me, were only trying to avoid the reality for a little while that a big, thick, sensible coat was an inevitability, something which they did not want to come to terms with! No matter how much inspiration we possess, we will still all wind up being influenced most significantly by what lies outside our window.

Which brings me to say the sooner this chilly cold spell begins to defrost the better. In the meantime there's always the spring/summer shows..time to be reacquainted..Right now I'm crushing Danielle Scutt's collection - those skater dresses and little maching jackets - and Marc by Marc Jacobs - I would wear it all, even the men's! It manages to feature so many factors beloved of me - zany pattern mixing, fifties skirts paired with constrasting casuals, jackets with peaked shoulders and big, silly, whimsical hair bows.

Danielle Scutt

Marc by Marc Jacobs


J'aime said...

Ahh, I love the high buns, really artistic! Not forgetting the clothes. I love Marc Jacobs.


Anonymous said...

The Danielle Scutt dresses are fabulous! I especially love the fourth look! Great post!


rhonabethginny said...

wow I am so in love with new marc by marc jacobs collection..... i need it x