Sunday, January 24, 2010

never let go

I have been obsessed with satchels and satchel like handbags with months now. Someone please buy me one..preferably Chloe's take on the trend (above, left), thank you, it would be much appreciated!

Jokes aside, that Chloe is a beauty. It may not be a satchel exactly, but it has that feel, what with the rusty brown leather, clasp and spaciousness. Perfect for stuffing notebooks scrawled with miscellaneous ramblings and boiled sweets and a suitably rounded stub of lipstick in. In my head this bag once belonged to a 1940s' secretary with secret poetry - writing tendencies...shush, I tend to romanticize..


J'aime said...

Big small, I love satchels. I love how they just lie on the shoulder and sling across. I must invest in some myself.


jenna said...

oh my i love love your blog!

ps: check mine out, im only just getting it together. xx

tess said...

I am writing to tell you that I had to shut down my old blog due to personal reasons, but I have started a new one, posting under the new link above and under the name "tess."

please stop by!


CAROLINE said...

thank you so much (:

great pics by the way ;)

love, caroline.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love satchels! There's something very inspiring about them!

Anonymous said...

mmm bags