Friday, January 29, 2010

be a doll, won't you

A strange hybrid of the romantic, gothic and cartoon present in the 'dos at Chanel Haute Couture.
These are kind of my favourite ever styles at a runway show, well at least in recent memory. Heartshaped blooms of wispy silver streaked hair fixed with a frayed bow in dreamy shades of soft rose, mauve and grey- blue. Current hair inspiration certainly, despite that there is definitely something of the creepy, antique doll about these hairdos, perhaps, that is part of the oddly mesmerising appeal..


tess said...

why is Chanel always flawless? haha

Anonymous said...

I love the hair pieces, but not so much liking the channelling of the inner Dracula!!

I do like the blue streaks in the hair though!!!!

HeySayJay! said...


Anonymous said...

How cool!! Miss you dearie, will email soon hopefully xxxx

mademoiselle7237 said...

very cute hairstyle.

SammyKins said...

is it odd that i am actually going to try to do my hair like this... i love it!

awesome blog! its so interesting and unique :) im following

love sammy