Monday, December 21, 2009

new thinking

With the new year only a breath away, it's the perfect time to throw out the old and welcome the new. Longer lengths have been playing on my mind with months now. I have tried it out but alas I think I would need a few more inches to truly pull it off. That won't stop me admiring the beautifully chic nature of a long skirt though. There's the simple minimalism of a long sleeved long dress, or the witchy, cloaked in mystery style complete with ethereal goddess train, or maybe even, the simple ol' hippy style. Point is, longer lengths have so much possibility other than possessors of the 'yuck!, too conservative, my mother wouldn't even wear that' label. I'm hoping that the new year will herald a new beginning for longer dresses/skirts, that it will be acceptable for 'young ones' such as yours truly (hmm well, actually I have height issues..) to wear something a bit longer and not get the dreaded 'what the hell are you wearing, you wannabe old woman?' stare.. yes, all clothes items should be for everyone not pigeon holed just because the mainstream says so. OK, rant over.


Anonymous said...

its an intriguing trend, but I'm too short to wear it

CAROLINE said...

great pictures (:
really nice selection (:

Bertie said...

I agree, I love the long look and have recently bought quite a few long retro dresses for summer - I usually have to syke myself up a bit before I pluck up the courage to wear them out - but I think it feels great, and not too many people stare on hot days what with the maxi dress coming back 'in vogue' an all :> p.s wasn't Edie great - she was complately uninhibited - floor lenghth dress with floor lenghth sleeves!! Love it!