Monday, December 14, 2009

many a good time

We all have our own wardrobe staples. For some it may be the trusty pair of skinny jeans, or the black pencil skirt, or Breton top, but for me it's the full skirt. I have a few. A black polka dot one and a grey lace, princess style for college, a huge black tulle one for only super special party occasions, indeed, it could be my most beloved clothing article for its sheer volume and excessive frivolity. And finally, far more sedate in comparison, a dull pink tweed style. I have had this skirt with exactly three years now, and my god has it served me well! Back in the day, I was all Russo - Princess - said skirt's first outfits consisted of pearls, dusty Ashes of Roses pink, lace and furs. In the years that followed it was all forties by day, red lips and shirts and berets. This evolved into a more mix and match aesthetic. One of my favourite ever outfits that I have worn involved this skirt teamed with a cropped gold jacket with a corsage, a graphic t - shirt, white peep toe flats and the skirt worn high - waisted with a skinny gold belt. That outfit sticks out because it is the perfect example of my style - old lady - ish feminine with a modern even boyish detail. And it is precisely the old - lady factor that I love about this skirt. I really love looking at well dressed elderly women, the chic pearls and hats and skirts, something so nice about seeing people being so diligent about putting pieces together. Truth be told it's a pretty regular even boring skirt but somehow it just manages to be fail safe and provides for some seriously fun mixing and matching.


Anonymous said...

this looks amazing on you!

Forgetmenot said...

love your outfit!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

love the outfit x

Grace said...

I think its the time they came from. Putting an effort into the way you dressed and looking polished was just standard. And some older people still take pride in that. Its a great quality to have.

And you found a great way to translate that to your own life.

love Grace.

Anonymous said...

I love that skirt!