Sunday, November 8, 2009

november scrapbook

from Russia with love. One November, I did a project on St. Petersburg for school. I aways think of visiting St Petersburg now in November . November can be a strange month, and the weather, on certain days, oddly evocative with the ethereal, somewhat paradoxical combination of violent cold and diaphanous sunlight. It is that weather that makes me think of a city I have never visited.

only because I never tire of pictures of a young Debbie Harry. My friend gave me a Blondie best of around this time of year...see, there is a reason for it! It's never so much about her clothes, but the attitude.. and yeah, that face.

I'm consuming copious cups of hot chocolate at the moment. November days are made for creamy - choco decadence though, no? Marshmallows are a must.
Mid length skirts, pearls, furs, cardigans, cloche hats, lipstick, daytime flapper fashion is constantly on my mind.

'An Education' is definitely worth a look even if only for the understated 60s clothes, French references and suburban decor.
I fully own up to having neglected commenting recently, will catch up this week. ps. new header..familiar faces!


Tea For Two said...

I can't wait to see An Education, I know I'm going to thoroughly love it.

And, great pictures in this entry. I always love seeing an image of Louise Brooks. And, argh, I wish I looked like Debbie Harry in the Blondie era..

Anonymous said...

i need to see an education!

Michele said...

Don't worry, I'll take you to Russia...

Anonymous said...

fantastic post x

Anonymous said...

New header is amazing! Good to see Paul and Florence there in the limelight ;)
Oh, your'e like me so... hot chocolate is a must on these bitterly cold days! well to be honest I'll use any excuse for a cup of hot chocolate ;)
Great post xoxox

Anonymous said...

Ha ha the two of you and your hot chocolate... a miss julie especially :) remember the day we went to o connells to get some hot chocolate? that was good :) those were the days :) must do it over christmas, love the pics and new header xox

Hey, say Jay! said...

I also can't get enough of hot chocolate at the moment! :D Nice post.

Sandra said...

love your pictures, love Blondie