Saturday, November 21, 2009

mrs. simpson

I have wanted to post about Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor's style with months. Simpson was, of course, the American socialite divorcee whose love affair with the King Edward VIII of England forced him to abandon the throne in the hugely contemptuous Abdication Crisis of 1936. Beyond, such controversial issues the Duchess had immense style and impeccable taste. Her immaculately well chosen wardrobe was often significantly ahead of its time in details - charm bracelets and sequins, even a bold shoe - and always beautifully composed with her hair in lovely, Nordic coils with dressy hair pieces, brooches and regal pearls. Casual draped scarves, a siren fur stole and perfectly cut jackets - all hall marks of this remarkably interesting lady's style.

Sometimes I think how nice it would be nowadays if elegance was admired and sought after just as much as looking 'cool', indie and effortless was..

Do check out her fashion spot thread here.

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