Tuesday, November 17, 2009

like some fairytale

I remember as a child, way back when my mother read me bed time stories, there was this one book from the local library with the most beautiful, gilded illustrations. The story, I do not remember, a fairytale with twelve sisters, is the best description I can give, but those drawings I will never forget. I was utterly fascinated and did not want to return the book. Sweet faced, angelic princesses with romantic velvet and satin dresses, beads coiled about their slender necks and diamonds twinkling in their titian hair. Inky - gold framed their elegant silhouettes and shone bright as stars embroidered on an indigo sky. One image especially left a mark, the princesses sailing on quaint little river boats; drawing for me would, perhaps, never be the same again.
When I saw 'An Education' recently there was mention in the film about the Pre - Raphaelite artist Edward Burne - Jones. Annoyed with myself that I was not familiar with any of his pieces, I scurried off to the computer and acquainted myself with his work. On closer inspection I was reminded of the children's story book I so loved as child. There is something about his goddess, dreamy women that allow me to escape into my mesmerising memories of those illustrations. Thank you, Mr. Burne - Jones, I hold my memories very dear, indeed.

EDIT: After a quick google search the story I refer to is The Twelve Dancing Princesses originally published by the Brothers Grimm. I have no idea who the edition I refer to is by though, unfortunately.

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ModelBehavior said...

I think the book/play may be "The Twelve Dancing Princesses".By the way,I LOVE YOUR BLOG.

Adrienne said...

If you like Burne-Jones, you should check out John William Waterhouse, another pre-Raphaelite. His work is beautiful and always inspiring to me.

Ruth said...

LOve LOVE LOVE the preraphaelites

Ruth @ Matches