Monday, November 23, 2009

flowers, beads and...newspaper..

And yes so it continues..yet another post relating to hair accessorising..or in this case, sticking a whole pile of random stuff on your head. Maybe, it's the hidden hippy in me or the flapper trying to get out, or my mere desire to recreate a pre - Raphaelite look in the modern world, but regardless there's no stopping this love affair. With funds at an all time low for almost everyone, I'm determined, or at least it will feature on one of my numerous 'To do' lists, to make a proper piece of wearable, underline wearable, hair craft. Not sure quite what I mean when I say hair craft, sounds horribly cheesy, but lets just say if I had more money to my name, I would splurge on brilliant, glistening, foolishly ostentatious thingamajigs for my hair..silly, but it's very true. I will let you know, if this actually ever materialises into something more than a vison of flowers, leaves and sparklyness in my hair. In the meantime, there's always lovely hippy - dippy, 'Boho' flowers, like Kate Bush's above, or perhaps, the more sophisticated could take inspiration from Billie Holiday. Even better throw some beads in there too, and even a lone feather to dance in the evening breeze. Stud your hair with diamonds, what ever you think of really ala John Christmas tree lights..could be dangerous..

yet more wallis simpson..i do tend to repeat myself!

florence welch (left), i love you!

i always love john galliano's collections, so much more fun in comparison to dior. brilliant, off his head stuff. he is pure fashion either way though.


Grace said...

Galliano is such a vision always. Great post.

Love Grace.

Anonymous said...

ah kate bush..she is literally the 'bush in blaubushka' we love her!!

great post, love the floernece welsch image x

Runway Hippie said...

i love this!!! beautiful photos too!


Runway Hippie

Jenny said...

kat you genius, great coupling of photos and hats and anything galliano! not that you had to win me over, but kate bush is a sure fire way, she's amazing. lovely!

Anonymous said...

Every one of these images are divine! Great post!

Anonymous said...

interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.