Saturday, November 14, 2009

"she wears an egyptian ring that sparkles before she speaks"

beautiful leather satchel and gloves

When it comes to dressing there is no greater truth than attention to detail. It really is all in the detail. Those little things can make all the difference elevating a mundane, regular outfit into something noteworthy and unique. A plain grey tee and jeans combo can suddenly look new and inspiring with the addition of a unexpected neck piece, or a floral dress can look super cool when paired with contrasting angular sunglasses. A carefully chosen pair of tights beneath a skirt or striking eye make up or even some conversation starting signature jewellery. It's these details that sort the men from the boys. Anyone can throw on a Balmain party dress and look hip, but will it be inspiring? It's that little detail that made you save that last image from your favourite street style blog. Originality is found in the quirks of the outfit. These eye catching additions, sometimes so astonishingly simple inspiring 'why didn't I think of that?' moments, and thoughtful styling prove once again, in case some reassurance was needed, that style can't be picked up off the shelf and bought.

Check out the wrist action (left). A plethora of lilac bangles and enormous rings steal the show. The girl on the right is effortless. I love the chain belt and that seemingly random crucifix earring.

Such a sweet, floral satchel - want this for college! You know me and my hair accessory obsession, head over heels for this Aphrodite - style, blush - pink rose garland.

Love that dark plum - stained lip on the left. And smouldering, sooty eyes with icy - blonde hair .

The layering is so simple on the left, yet I never thought of layering a blazer on top of a denim jacket. I'm all for warmth providing ideas in this cold climate! On the right I love that unexpected art deco gold necklace beneath the 90s' oversized jacket.

Delicious brown leather shoes, laces and buckles, polished and old - school with turned up jeans.

images: the sartorialist, stockholmstreetstyle,the facehunter, garance dore, streethearts


Anonymous said...

oh thanks x

i have full-on feelings of lust for that floral satchel!

HeySayJay! said...

You're so right! People should be more creative.

Gift registry said...

I just love looking at photos like these. It represents street style and glamour. It’s terrific!

brain tumor said...

Street fashion is so original. I always find amazing inspirations on my designs.

Anonymous said...

i love this post... i want to throw on something unusual now!! miss you loads girlie and catch up soon xox