Thursday, October 8, 2009

"if you want to sing out sing out"

"Stand out!..It's heroic to stand out. My clothes have always been heroic, whether it's a latex negligee or a corsetted ballgown. So much of modern fashion is ordinary but I notice young women in the street and I think they look very good - because they know it's not about fashion, it's how you put it together...First you have to know who you are - or want to be. Then you have to use your clothes to tell your personal story. And be confident. I've never worried about what other people think of me. I'm only interested in how I want to feel and look. You have to cut a figure. Step off the threadmill of fashion."

-Vivienne Westwood, Elle UK Oct 2009
..and that's that. Those words make a lot of sense to me.


Anonymous said...

totally agree, great quote

Anonymous said...

dance if you want to dance xxx :)

Sarah said...

Great quote! I love this collage. It makes me want to get up and sway and start dancing! And move to England.