Saturday, September 5, 2009


" 'It was Sophie's idea', Nathan explained further, 'and she's right. People look drab on the street. They all look alike, walking around in uniform. Clothes like these have individuality. Style. That's why it's fun when people stare at us.' ...'Dress is important. It's part of being human. It might as well be a thing of beauty, something you can take real pleasure in doing. And maybe in the process give other people pleasure.' "

- Chapter 3, 'Sophie's Choice', William Styron
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Anonymous said...

wow who knew that awesome quote would come from sophie's choice! I agree totally

Cris Lazoru said...

lovely collage! and what a find that quote


ByRICHaRD said...

Problem is when you see people all trying to be so different they look the same. eg, I went to a club and there was a group of about 15 young chaps and gals who were clad in denim top to tail; All sporting fresh hair cuts and off the hook accessories. But this mass of hip, new originality fell over, tripped on its own too-cool-to-tie-its-shoe-laces shoes. Sad really. I suppose the effort was there, and I am pleased for that. Perhaps I am becoming cynical in my old age?

Hello Kat, How in the world are you?
I bought some lovley slacks the other day.