Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sept/oct scrapbook..extended

Warning: lazy, self - indulgent post ahead. A plethora of inspiring images specifically posted to inspire yours truly..cue evil laugh.. For the first time in my life (other than weekends, summer, Christmas holidays, bankholidays etc etc), having just embarked on my college education, I can get up and choose to wear what ever I want. Yes, for the previous 14 or so years, I was trapped in the shackles of a school uniform doing everything in my power (most of which I'd rather forget) to try and inject some personality into my dull, tedious attire. Now, when I rise in the morning there's a whole spectrum of oppurtunity..well..within the confines of my closet, which like most people, I imagine, I wish was stocked to a greater degree. Anyway, these are some images that are inspiring me at the moment. And wahey they are suitably seasonal too!

Note: Valentine's cutesy print and lemon and lime retro handbags.(Left) Chain belt, grandpa check and slouchy trousers (Right)

Note: Ladylike chic is not always old fashioned and austere, but rather elegant and mildly mysterious. A beautiful coat and handbag go along way too.

Note: Florence is a goddess albeit a quirky, somewhat offbeat, crazy one. If you die your hair any colour this season go for burning russet like Ms. Welch. Note too her preferred shade of plummy wine lipstick and use of lace and pattern.

Note: A long skirt can be fabulous. Charles Anastase's s/s 2010 is further proof of how wondrous a longer length can look. Certainly the first stop in intelligent dressing.

Note: Why are some people so classically stylish? Tailoring and simple detail like a corsage or a leather belt answer the latter proving that glamour can be fuss free.

Note: Old knits and smoking, casual overcoat and gentle breeze.

Note: Alexa may have a sometimes irritating demeanour, but when it comes to possessing a wearable and quirky wardrobe there's no better woman for it. Trench, loafers and denim are proven perfect items for autumn.
Note: Unusual rings, hippy fringe and barefaced a la Joni Mitchell and Brigitte Bardot's loose wooly sweater, riding boots and Chanel chain bag.

Note: Amazing feminine tailoring (left) : lightly pleated skirt with gorgeous draping top. Shiny marbled clutch, red lipstick, hairband and oceanic coloured bow top: vintage inspired loveliness(right).

Note: When no more inspiration can be found, Susie will have the answer.(left) Boots, check, cardigan and angular sunglasses equals an effortlessly cool look. (right)

credits: the sartorialist, facehunter, stylebubble, garance dore, the selby


FashionsLaboratory said...

Loving the inspirationaly post, excellent!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm in love with this post. You must be thrilled to have the opportunity to wake up and where whatever you'd like for once in your life. I say try a different style every day - you deserve it after so many years in a uniform! :)

Anonymous said...

great inspiration! I would kill to look like florence welch

Adair said...

what a perfect post!!

Robin said...

I like the country style fashion much in this post!

Anonymous said...

I adore the chain belt, grandpa check and slouchy trousers!!! and florence is my current crush, I wont tell you how excited I was to see her in an interview wearing a Topshop floral dress I have too!!!

Style Bird said...

Love the pics..lots of ideas!

Miss Vee said...

I am definitely loving the different tailored looks. Very nice little guide to finding your own personal chic! ♥

Alya said...

woow thats a lot of inspiration! I love the tailoring too..

By the way, I've got a stunning Tolani scarf to give away at my blog. Come check it out :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I agree hands down with all your choices!

make believe said...

so many gorgeous shots of so many gorgeous women! Love it!

Blog de la Vogue said...

WOW the pictures are awesome.
and now i can really say that YOU ARE IN VOGUE! :)
i would be happy if you can visit my blog,too :)

Jenny said...

I love these photos! Great inspiration! Your blog is really lovely :) xxx