Sunday, September 27, 2009


I know Milan fashion week is well and truly underway now, but have been meaning to blog about London all week - later is better than not at all! I don't usually do these type of posts but there is nothing like some fresh fashion to rejuvinate the fashion brain cells.

So in love with this collection. Intelligent, gorgeous clothes that gloriously combine the cutting edge with something of a vintage/antique touch. The notion of the Victorian crinoline seems to run through out - hoola - hooped hemmed skirts and multi - layered dresses that hark back to said era. There's random dashes of bright colour mixed with delicate tulle and girly frills, a dress made of cellophane, an enormous dress of hessian like material, dungarees..Anastase knows how to get one thinking about clothes..

This collection is something of a sweet 60s' caricature - nauseating pastels and Peter Pan collars, patent bows and boxy handbags. It's surprisingly fuss free for Luella, but I can't help but adore the clean lines, that sweet shop palette and the cartoon perfection of the garments.

Everyone's talking about this one. Not usually overly enthused by Burberry but this collection is quite lovely. Romantic Grecian draping, angelic mini dresses, ruching, tulle and soft pretty colours - peppermint, candy pink, lavender, sky blue, creamy golds - all provide for a decidedly youthful and somewhat dreamy collection.

There's a whole lot of check going on in Kane's latest collection, but check not in the grungy sense of the word rather more picnic cloth prairie innocence rather than street or college student. This is, indeed, an exercise in the use of a continuous print with checks appearing throughout and floaty summer dresses of clever construction as the central focus of the collection. Masculine tailoring and buttoned up shirts provide some interesting variety.
Who can resist the jovial brilliance of Louise Gray's collection? Playful, vibrant, bold, good humoured - something like a child's birthday party..but maybe a bit too zany and trippy to be exactly that. Completely unpretentious, these are cheerful clothes that must be worn with a spring in your step and that pre - requisite: a smile.
Truth be told, I wasn't too impressed with the fluro plastic tube tops and grubby army denims, but the funky prints overrule here especially the faint and dainty Japanese prints. Kinda in love with some of the shoes too and I can't resist a parka..

I will never cease to fawn over the combination of a blazer and a buttoned up shirt. Paul Smith's version is particularly quirky complete with ties and scarfs and pocket squares. There's plenty prints here also.. ditsy florals and checkered cardigans, multicoloured bands of colour, indeed, it's unexpectedly cool in places.


Anonymous said...

oh i really love the gingham in the kane!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect description of Burberry Prorsum SS10. You absolutely summed it up! Fabulous! Love the blog too! x

Anonymous said...

i love the red Anastase dress with peter pan collar..and just the entire Burberry Prorsum collection