Thursday, September 10, 2009

indian summer

This morning when I awoke I had the full intention of doing quite the autumnal post..indeed, I was worried that it might be verging on the wintry. However, such plans were quashed when I threw back the curtains to discover halcyon blue skies and sun! Yes, the sun was shining spectacularly for the second consecutive day; no mean feat considering the summer months consisted of a seemingly endless expanse of grey sky. I knew my blog post today would have to reflect this sudden onslaught of sunshine and perhaps too, reflect on such a lovely summer (despite the weather) that is just about to come to a close. ( I know it's September but the summer won't be over for me until I begin university!)

reading in the sun

a casual floral sun dress (left) and the dress I got for my birthday back in June

this waistcoat belonged to my mother 'back in the day'. I brought it with me to Oxegen but the rain meant it spent the day I wore it hidden beneath my raincoat.

sandals and juice

I bought this oversized denim shirt on an extremely successful shopping trip, you know the kind where you find everything exactly as you have been daydreaming them, back in July. The bag on the right was permanently fixed to my shoulder..

concert tickets

me and my hair things.. that peacock clip was bought in Pennys but I love it! i constantly wore that cream flower too..unleashing that inner hippy/whimsical spirit, don'cha know!


Tess Malone said...
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Anonymous said...

omg your dress is lovely

i love the clothes line set up of these photos!

i cannot believe you got to see oasis! yay, especially since they just broke up haha

Grace said...

These shots make a little sad that summer is gone.

Love Grace.

Grace said...

And I'm jealous about Oasis.

ByRICHaRD said...

What're you reading?

Anonymous said...

Best summer ever! OASIS! OXEGEN! :D
I will always remember the summer of 2009 for enjoying such wonderful music with some wonderful friends. Thanks for all the good times and hopefully many more will follow. xxx

Anonymous said...

You have such lovely things!

mode.ulation said...

Absolutely love your dresses! those sandals are gorgeous too! =]

chloe in the sky said...

I too love Paul Weller, Kate Moss, Sophie Dahl (and Roald Dahl's stories), Edie Sedgwick and audrey hepburn!
nice blog :D
chloe in the sky

Anonymous said...

Love it..... xox

Sky said...

You have a beautiful style, not only fasion wise, but as how you write about what you write and the creativity in your pictures, lovely!!!

we're having a moment said...

the clothes on the green grass/palm trees look amazing in contrast