Thursday, August 13, 2009

"with diamonds and pearls in her hair"

I have always enjoyed fiddling around with my hair, perhaps, because I possess such a ridiculous mane of it! As I have recounted in the past, my preferred style as young'n resembled a nest of hair twinkling with butterfly clips. These days I'm a tad bit more subtle but still cannot resist some form of hair thingamajig..a diamante hair clip, strands of pearls, a peacock feather, flower slides. Of course, not always do I adorn the ol' hair, it is a little infantile, I must admit, but there has been many the outfit that I have worn which was completed with a hair accessory.
However, if you do happen to be in the "that is so lame and childish" frame of mind when it comes to hair accessorising, well then I advise taking a wee bit of inspiration from the following images. One of my favourite things about flapper fashion are the hair adornments. Flappers always decorated their curly bobs with headbands and ribbons and beads to finish off their ensemble. The hair styles and ornaments of the Flapper era's predecessor, the Belle Epoque era, as it is referred, are even more inspiring - loose, graceful knots sparkling with bejewelled hair bands and strings of pearls. Personally speaking, I am constantly trying to emulate the perfect beauty of these hair styles, adoring the juxtaposition of modern fashions with the whimsical hair dos of by - gone eras.

all scans by me courtesy of Decades of Fashion by Harriet Worsely


ryder said...


Steph said...

I've always loved the flapper curly bob, but always felt it would look terrible with my face shape. Really great pics, inspiring!


Anonymous said...

great idea! i've never thought to apply old hollywood hair to today, but its so glam and chic!

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