Thursday, August 20, 2009

dare to....go long?

This has been thumb - tacked to my notice board for months now. I would often look over at it whist studying at my desk and consider the utter perfection of it. The contrast of the organza ankle - length ballerina skirt and the retro band t - shirt ( a band that I just so happen to very much like) is stylistically wonderful in my opinion - ladylike wears combined with something punkier is, after all, a statement that never fails to have me fawning pathetically in admiration.
In recent months the ankle - length skirt has become somewhat ubiquitous on fashion blogs and so forth. This is probably something to do with the surge in 90s' grunge appreciation and for others, merely a preference to 'go long' in the sea of thigh - high minis. The ankle - length skirt proves no problem for those blessed in stature - see Alexa above - but I myself was certainly wary being a bit on the titchy side. However, after months of admiring the understated elegance of Alexa in an almost floor - sweeping skirt I decided 'hell to this and not being tall' and wearing the skirt.
However, my shortage in height would be the least of my troubles. It appears that something as seemingly simple and unoffensive as an ankle - length skirt can actually be quite the controversial piece. Maybe not in the more cosmopolitan cities of the world, but let me say the people of Cork are not ready for a 'young one' such as myself in said item. Of course, I certainly wasn't bestowed with a gorgeous navy blue organza skirt either but had to make do with my mother's old skirt instead, that I rescued before it left for the charity shop. I have always liked the skirt in question - a deep, plummy sort of shade of pink, magenta even, with a wine underskirt and witchy webs of black thread - and somehow couldn't bear to see the thing leave the house. Wearing the skirt yesterday, I was bombarded with comments (from family members, mind you) such as "Why is Kathryn wearing an old - woman's skirt?" and glances from strangers while shopping. This probably seems absurd to those of you who live in places where people actually wear 'wow' things, not a bloody long skirt! But, apparently it takes very little to challenge the norm here if such an item can cause tremors of reverse outrage.
close up of skirt's kinda interesting..

jumper - urban outfitters, top and bag - zara, jacket - miss selfridge, shoes - florence and fred @tesco


Anonymous said...

To be totally honest with you, this isn't a trend I would rush to the shops to grab immediately! I am super short & I'm afraid I will always associate that length with extremely conservative religions haha oops, but I do like the contrast with the leather jacket

Kat said...

haha yeah, i know what you mean jayne! it's not something I will be wearing all the time either..but just to try it out, you know.. especially since I always wear shortish lengths!

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Style Bird said...

Great skirt, I love the longer length.

Destiny Nicole said...

Long skirts are very hard to pull off. I have now made the transition into a more modest look, and i have gotten some vintage long empire waidted long skirts, and i defenetly take an inspiration from female 60's folk singers and activist, and very mormon look alike prints.

olya baileys said...

wow) great look and great colors!^_^

p.s.It would be nice to exchange links))


Bianca and Isabella said...

amazing look and room :) alexa is such an inspiration

the crumpet girls

Stephanie Kim said...

pretty rad!

ellastica said...

admittedly not an alexa chung fan but i definitely understand the appeal of a long skirt.

in high school i had surgery on my lower extremities and adopted them as my uniform during recovery for their flowing, unrestricted movement and forgiving shape.

really like your take on the whole rodarte cob-web knit trend. trends are great but even better when they're adapted in a manner that's personal and far removed from fantasy and grounded in one's reality.

Anonymous said...

You are insanely cool.