Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"we wear the same clothes cos we feel the same"

During my recent festival outing, I observed something sartorial related that to my mind is most interesting. Amid the free - spirited, jovial, perhaps, just perhaps, a small bit drunken atmosphere of a festival, a large majority of people suddenly become mad, neon tutu wearing, rainbow tight sporting, funky jewellery donning, face embellished, stop you in your tracks, fascinating creatures.
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I'm first to acknowledge there is the typical 'festival look' as recommended to you by 'Heat' and 'Look' and their ilk respectively - Kate Moss and Alexa Chung, the Geldof sisters, you know the drill - and I know too that we all like to indulge in this, including yours truly...lame checked shirt in tow, of course! But, that is not the point I am making. Instead, in my honest opinion, everyone suddenly looks so fun and stylish and ironically, different, even if we are all thriving for this so - called 'festival look' despite it being a bit cliched. I cannot speak for other countries, but I do believe that here in Ireland, standing out in the crowd due to your clothing is a relatively modern phenomenon and is often something many choose to avoid. My point is, therefore, amid the happy - go - lucky, "we're all ker - azy here" atmosphere of the festival, it no longer matters if someone throws you a look of disdain for wearing a technicolour jumpsuit because at the festival it's cool to be 'standy - outey', it's cool to be maaaaaad, it's all about letting go and not giving a damn.

This, however, simultaneously makes me happy and somehow sad. How wonderful it is for everyone just to have a little fun with clothes, experimenting with outfits, having a laugh with make - up and so forth, but isn't it disheartening that this can be only done amongst the other 'mad eijits'/loony toons at the festival for at home we would be laughed, sneered and stared at? Perhaps, I'm being too idealisic, of course people couldn't and maybe even shouldn't wear some of the down - right hilarious festival attire, but as someone who has been dissed about my personal style in the past, it upsets me to think that many people are reluctant to wear slightly more unusual clothes on a daily basis due to the fear of causing a few glances.


Anonymous said...

yes, I agree it is a bit sad that people only "go all out" around festivals. you should have fun year round, fashion isn't a death sentence or something equally dramatic, its meant to be self expression and whimsy!

I wore a plaid shirt to a concert recently. I felt horribly clich├ęd haha

Mockle said...

I totally agree and it's really funny because I am actually wearing a technicolour jumpsuit right now!
I just think that if you feel good about an item of clothing, wear it! I have very much been on the end of people's glances but have you ever thought that maybe they are envious of you! I think confidence is the key here and I know this is easier said than done but just be proud of what you like! :)

Avant Gaudy said...

It's the same in the US. With street style photographers around, they're more a place to see and be seen than listen to music.

C said...

i love these girls outfits for the festivals. they all look so chic!

gracie takes fashion so seriously it can turn ugly said...

did you see the guy at oxegen wearing the wedding dress?? proper stephane seymore november rain one . classic x