Tuesday, July 21, 2009

in appreciation..

Those trend reports always makes me laugh: "Safari is hot for spring" or " A statement coat is this season's must have". It's all a load of piss really with one of their favourites being the "80s' revival". That particular trend though is no pain for me to indulge in and it's no hardship if I so happen to turn out "on trend" because I really do love that decade! My adoration is such a defining feature of my style personality that it is mentioned in my 'About me' - now that's love! I quite frankly never tire of an ol' 80s' revival - tis deliciously sparkly and sometimes vulgar, but most importantly, it's fun just the way I think clothes should be.
In a recent shopping binge, I bought..somehow 'nabbed' seems more appropriate here..this turquoise leopard print dress in a sale in Miss Selfridge. Now, let me say turquoise is a colour I personally never ever wear, my mother has quite the soft spot for it, but I, on the otherhand, find it bit sea - sickness inducing. I'm not sure if it was the drop waist, the leopard print - embossed satin, the colour or that lovely 80s' ruffle running along the side or merely a combination of all the above that made it scream "buy me" as on paper the dress was a disaster waiting to happen. Of course, I hammed up the 80s - ness on a recent night out with orange nails, leggings and pointy silver heels - I never know when to draw the line..


Keith said...

Cool clothes. I really like what you're searing. Hope your week started off well.

Anonymous said...

the turquoise goes wonderfully with your hair!

Miss Ellie said...

that colour looks really good on you! the dress is really cool.
love those shoes you're wearing.

Jenny said...

That dress is the most amazing colour!
wank to trade links/follower each other? xxx

ByRICHaRD said...

Hey Kat,
Latitude was ace times thanks. I took wellies in the end, defiantly a good move. Though I did pour beer in the left boot at one point which was soggy. Haha.
It’s a great festival, you should go next year. Perhaps it’s too far for you though?
I have seen the new HP, what did you think? I thought it a little clich├ęd and cheesy at times. Overall, it wasn’t the best one. Ah well, I can’t really expect everything.
Richard x
p.s nice dress!

Alanna said...

love your hair!

Anonymous said...

I AM OBSESSED WITH THE 80s! I hate when people call it the decade that fashion forgot or whatever 'cos I look back at the Brat Pack films and adore what they're wearing.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm yeah, every seasons seems to mention the prominence of the 80s Revival ....makes you feel they're waffling a bit (which I found out is probably the case, following my two months spent interning in a fashion magazine! I made up so many!)
I like turquoise for a night out, but I think it's a bit much for everyday wear!

olya baileys said...

aw, U have a great wall. I totally love it! Nice dress.

Anonymous said...
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