Friday, July 3, 2009

cinderella in summer

It probably appears that I sit around all day thinking of very particular items of clothes that I want... and well, I wish I could say that couldn't be further from the truth, but alas that is not to be. The sad fact is: the activity in question eats into a large chunk of my day, indeed, I'm a rather lame individual who thinks about clothes before I go to sleep at night. Anyway, enough talk about my rather questionable past times, the latest item which I am salivating at the mere thought of is an flouncy, ballerina - like, preferably white skirt. Material wise, I dream of white tulle, but organza would be rather spectacular too. Or maybe, just simple, white cotton - ish material with a tulle underskirt beneath. Regardless, I have been lusting for this type of skirt for a few months now, especially since I own a black skirt that fits the description, but is perhaps just a wee bit too Gothic for my liking. Enormous voluminous skirts are one of my favourite things and paired with a graphic t- shirt is a look that equates to rainbows and pots of gold for me.


Grace said...

The photos you pulled for this photo are magnificent.

I love the idea of a full romantic skirt with graphic tees.

Love Grace.

The Clothes Horse said...

These are lovely looks. I definitely need more tulle and a tutu in my life.

Anonymous said...

we all fantasize about tulle, so please don't find the need to apologize, I know where you're coming from haha

Louie in Wonderland said...

I can relate to you I've been craving for a skirt like that too. Let me say that the combination of a t-shirt would look cool, I didn't think of that one. And I know I'm a bit crazy but I would match them with a pair of pink Dr. Martens.
P.S: You're not alone, I too think of what I'm going to wear the next day, that helps me fall asleep... sometimes.
xo Louie

Anonymous said...

I love those kinds of dresses!!!! They're so feminine but with a cool punky twist! Like what Sasha is wearing in this picture:
I could LIVE in them!

Alya said...

I made a tulle skirt to wear under a regular skirt (to make it more flouncy and bouncy) and it really looks amazing. You should try it :)