Friday, February 13, 2009

reading this instead of studying

A few days ago I got the lovely postal surprise of a paperback copy of Hadley Freeman's "The Meaning of Sunglasses". Although familiar with Hadley Freeman, this was my first time reading anything penned by her (Freeman is the fash ed at "The Guardian"), but can now safely say I have found a wee bit of a soul mate in Ms. Freeman. The woman speaks sense from start to finish with added bonuses of a witty turn of phrase, excellent references and background info.
Interestingly, Hadley is anti - fur which kind of steps on that notion that all fashion big guns are all yeti - coated fur obsessives. She certainly doesn't take it all too seriously and is light hearted and often wry in her commentary, often taking the piss out of fashion - y stereotypes. Freeman does, however, consistently stand up for fashion and the regular shopper. Refreshing, to the point and entertaining, what's not to like?

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Kendra said...

I got that same book yesterday except cover is different in Australia. I have only read a bit but what I have read is really good.