Saturday, February 7, 2009

a few reasons

I am craving simple clothes. It is like that feeling of over indulgence after Christmas when the mere thought of another chocolate biscuit is nausea - inducing. And that combined with current economics, frivolity seems dare I say it ..almost stale; unfitting in world of unemployment and economic uncertainty.
That is but the first reason for this post - my mere desire for a simplicity. That is really something for me as I live by the notion of 'More is More'! At this time of year, it being spring after all, I do like a bit of a wardrobe shake - up and hanker after something fresher after all that Christmas extravagance.

Reason two: In the early days of the blog I used to do a lot more vintage inspired posts. With s/s 2009 being so utterly trendless, looking back to the past for inspiration seems all the more relevant. Black and white pictures always make me smile anyway.

Of course this post is apt too due to recent political events. As young, charismatic couples the Obamas and Kennedys have much in common. The queen of the pillbox and double - breasted jacket, Jackie Kennedy is the most celebrated of First Ladies. However, it is her laid back, 'day off' style that I adore. Turtle necks, trench coats, flat pumps, tweed, headscarves, loose shirts - it's that quintessential 60s elegance that has transcended time and the sort of look that seems so era - appropriate right now.
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Shelly's Style Shop said...

Great post! I love black & white pictures, too!

Anonymous said...

What do you consider to be your wardrobe basics/essentials?

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Me too, heading to town this Friday in search of simple white tees and black skinnies. So tired of sequins and checks.

Anonymous said...