Saturday, February 14, 2009

...and just because this is lovely....
- Ben Ziman-Bright

Sat in the cheap seats
Of Symphony Hall, squinting
As the instruments tuned up
I could pick out only you:
Fourth row back and clutching
Your viola, bright hair spilt
Across the strings. You were
Deep in a flurry of pages
With bitten lip, too
Intent on forcing that
Melody right to the cheap seats
To notice me up there, ears straining
To block out any sound but yours.


Anonymous said...

All you need is love... Happy Valentines day! ;)

Anonymous said...

next time we will get a picture of you smoking and you can put it as ur profile pic!

Fashion Moment said...

Great colage!

I tagged you, check today's post.


fashion_designer said...

I love the middle outfit - very sheek!

id love it if you would perhaps check out my blog...... become a follower.......... and comment :) x