Thursday, January 29, 2009

sweet marie

I only got around to looking at the Dior show today. It's typical Dior - theatrical, enormous expanses of material, gaudy in places, heavy make - up and flamboyancy all against Monsieur Dior's traditional cartoon silhouette. According to Galliano was inspired by Flemish painters such as Van Dyck. Hmmm certainly evident in the garish earlier part of the collection, but the latter, far more interesting evening gown section, must have featured Marie Antoinette somewhere on the mood board...

Yes please! These are too fantastic!


Anonymous said...

omg it is so marie antoinette, spot on really, if there was fashion plagirism this would be it, he's indebted to that oscar winning costume designer haha

apparently marie is in vogue in couture, Chanel is very reminiscent as well hmmm

need those heels now...haha

The Stiletto Effect said...

This is "The" collection :) I really love Dior's collections, but this one is so pretty and inspiring :)
Love, love, love...

drinkupthefashion said...

i reallllly loved dior spring 2009 couture. it was AMAZING. you're right, marie antoinette must have been on the mood board there somewhere.

Hanako66 said...

so beautiful

erinvenom said...

whoa, i really like theese shoes. i would put theese with a clasic alexander mcqueen number i saw in harrods last week.
check out my blog,
e xx

Anonymous said...

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