Thursday, January 22, 2009

the last days of glamour?

The game's up. The age of fake tan, diamonds and hair extensions, glitz and glam and Hollywood over - the - top razzmatazz is over. As Karl Lagerfeld confirms: "This whole crisis is like a big spring house cleaning, both moral and physical. Bling is over. Red carpetry covered with rhinestones is out. I call it the new modesty."

Without sounding too "I told you so".... I did comment on how the current grundgy trend could be a sartorial reaction to the current turbulent economic climate. Perhaps, that's my mad thinking talking, but Lagerfeld's comments surely hint towards this too, no?

I'm not certain where this leaves someone who likes a bit of sparkle albeit not the afore mentioned kind, but it will certainly be interesting to see whether or not future collections from the likes of red carpet fave Lagerfeld will suddenly go all Alex Wang on us? Presumably Lagerfeld is thinking more simplicity rather then ripped tights and 'rotting wool' jumpers though...

For further proof look at this season's trends. Colour blocking, the 80s, futurism and denim are all key players, but it's obvious that simplicity and a seemingly' dishevelled' look(none of the examples here. Think more Topshop Unique) are the common threads. Consider a handful of last year's s/s collections in contrast with the current:


Anonymous said...

fabulous compare/contrast of last year with this years designs, although i will admit I prefer the osentacious, I hope Lagerfeld can design something more chic than the others

Fashion Moment said...

I just discover your blog, and I have to say that is great!
I'll add you on my Red Carpet,


LML said...

i miss the "olden days" aka last seasons

Style On Track said...

Your posts are amazing, just thought I'd let you know all your wonderful work with images really looks great :D


ah very true, havent even thought about it but after reading this, its uber noticeable.

awesome blog btw! just dropping by :)!

donna AND navaz said...

Aw don't fret, everything will soon swing round again - always does!

intelligence said...


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