Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Talking 'bout my generation

Recently the always inspiring Stevie at Discotheque Confusion posted about the 'Great Hipster Debate'. I had thought about posting on a similar note myself, primarily focusing on the increasingly uniformed brigade so - called 'hipsters' have become. Indeed, I remember a comment from another blogger under the Discotheque post noting the same thing. My thoughts on the subject have changed somewhat from my original cynicism (mingled with a reasonable amount of jealousy over the ridiculously cool wardrobes some hipsters possess) on the matter. Hipsters can certainly look very similar, despite the 'indie' culture they are supposed to represent, there's a look, isn't there? Grungy, sloppy, vintage/retro - isms, layers, a touch of kitschness, basically a mix - match and bit of this and a bit of that ethos, all in the name of cool. Just go on Facehunter or some scenster website and you'll get the idea.

My thoughts have now turned to the idea of the Hipster Brigade as a youth culture and in turn an established fashion movement in its own right. Perhaps, this is merely pointing out the obvious and I'm just a bit slow at remarking on it but it's been playing on mind a lot at late. Is the hipster our generation's mod or new romantic; an era defining youth/fashion culture? As someone who has a reasonably ample interest in youth/sub - cultures, it's fascinating to take a step back from present day culture and observe. Will the noughties be remembered for emos and hipsters? With hipsters hand in hand with art, music and not least fashion movements, it's certainly looking that way.
Is the hipster movement the way you want fashion to be largely remembered in years to come?
Even Vogue UK is getting in on the young hipster act albeit the more wholesome ones. Juno Temple, Hannah Murray, Nicholas Hoult, Giorgia May Jagger are featured looking sufficiently cool among some other less well known, presumably rich 'hip' English kids.
How does the hipster movement compare with fashion/ youth movements of the past, including my beloved mods? (any excuse to make a pretty collage about them!)
Apologies for the sporadic posting. Its hectic, hectic here. Will try and catch up on comments as soon as poss.


Aretha said...

I know! All the boys and girls looks like a catalogue that comes straight from the hip club of the moment..I don't like that!

claire said...

the whole hipster movement -and it is, I think a movement and not just a look, is just our generation's version of fifties rock and rollers, sixties mods and free spirits, eighties space punk starlets, nineties grungies... only the hipsters might be the most vacuous.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think the hipsters are a valid movement in the same way that the grunge anti-fashion rockers became a movement too.

I think my main gripe with the hipsters though is that it's a lazy movement - in terms of fashion there's really no innovation and the social commentary that normally underpins most movements is a bit skewed - these are rich people dressing like poor people. It all reminds me of Pulp's Common People hehe.

coco said...

You have chosen some really amazing pictures. I'm not really into the hipsters though. But I do love Daisy Lowe.

Mimi said...

Oh when I saw your avatar in a comment on another blog I HAD TO COME HERE ☺ since i adore twiggy.this post is so great and you made awesome collages.

Alya said...

I'm not so interested in the hipsters, because sometimes many of them are just overrated..

I like my icons to be people I look up to and admire, and not people that the media tells me to adore..

penelope said...

Loved this article and as for the hipster movement; I guess I wouldnt mind my kids telling me that I've lived through "That" era;

And I totally agree with what Claire had to say! The hipster movement had been around for ages! Just with different touches!

Dana (MODAna) said...

hehe I too love the mods.
I think the hipster movement is so undefined, it's similar to grunge in that it's people who care so much about appearing not to care
but oh well every style has its critics.

Kat said...

Great comments!

Claire completely agree that the hipsters are the most vacuous, there indeed seems to be little substance behind the 'look'.

Dana that is so true what you say - "people who care so much about appearing not to care". Completely agree. These days its all about looking 'effortless' and sloppy. For all we know they could be spending hours putting those outfits together!

Alya, i'm not so interested in hipsters either, their clothes can be pretty cool though. but their antics not so and they do seem to stand for nothing.

Miss karen - it is like 'common people'!

Juliet said...

It is hard to note that while we are living we also are making history.

juliet xxx

The Stiletto Effect said...

i love the 3rd collage :D


Nice collages!!!

Rebelle Zine said...

im in the first collage
me and tasha with our scraped knees and screwed up noses and sparkly shirts

Anonymous said...

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