Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The choice in the no choice

Two days ago, I was faced with a decision, certainly not a remarkable decision but a decision none the less. It was five - ish on a busy Saturday evening in the city. My shopping list was concise, a few bits and pieces for school but more importantly: a magazine. For what seemed like the first time, although it surely could not have been, I was faced with the ultimatum, Elle UK or Vogue UK. Elle boasted the lovely, quirky - cool, without being too annoyingly 'hip', girl of the mo' absolutely Alexa Chung. I was enticed certainly. Vogue, on the other hand had the utterly passe Kate Moss. Kate Moss in someways is certainly not utterly passe, she can still pull out a good outfit from time to time(nothing as good though as her looks of yore, just look at the previous post) but as a cover girl in 2008? Yawn! To add to that the cover, was not even interesting. Kate Moss, her same - old, same - old expression - teeth - bearing pout -, an aqua green background. I was hardly enamoured. Somehow I ended up buying the Vogue anyway despite knowing that it wasn't going to be much good and I was right but just because out of routine I always do.

Most British blogs agree that Vogue UK isn't up to much. I have felt in the past, that was slightly unfair, Vogue has after all given me plenty of pretty editorials - that Sophie Dahl as Debbie Harry shoot I am obsessed with, that stunning haute couture shoot last winter shot by Corinne Day(left), Gemma Ward styled by Camille Bidault-Waddington in theatre surroundings , Karen Elson dolled up in couture, quite literally with china doll makeup, last issue's English country - chic affair - but while they have been beautiful and memorable, many have just failed to ignite any excitement in me. Just bland. Pictures you would flick past in a minute. Vogue UK likes things of a nonthreatening nature - established figures - that would be Moss, pretty but not exactly fascinating models - Lily Donaldson please stand up ( is it just me or is she in almost every edition, boring the nation?) and safe depictions of the season's trends. British Vogue also likes a bit of grandeur this means dark, 'sultry', luxe shoots with beads, gold and satin which actually translates into a tedious editorial surely only appealing to women well into the prime of life. Vogue still considers Kate to be at the edge of fashion and although, they took a step in the right direction featuring Karen Elson as its cover star prior to Kate(right), Vogue UK is not keeping up with the younguns.

Next week, I will buy Elle and will I be enamoured thus? Um...probably not. Unfortunately, Elle has had to deal with my criticism far longer then Vogue has had to do so. Whereas Vogue is never considered an entire waste of money, the articles are long and elegantly written, although sometimes a little twee with stories of rich beyond words elderly women, it generally is a good read if you want something almost old - world. Elle on the other hand is absolute hit and miss. Sometimes it can turn up the goods and deliver an issue of excellence and other times, well it misses the mark all together, rendering me bored after twenty minutes. The last edition of Elle featuring Mary Kate Olsen was a good one although did anyone else find Mary Kate's interview as about as exciting as watching the kettle to boil. The accompanying shots(left) were too clean lined, too simple for me and honestly, as someone pointed out to me recently why do they(The Olsens) act as though they are 'queens of cool' when a lot of what they do, admittedly more Ashley then MK, is a run a merchandise empire for tweenies? That's a whole other story though because in fairness, I do value their exciting contribution to the celeb fashion world immensely. Perhaps this will be a reasonably good one too, anyone like to shed light on the issue?

However, the crux of the situation is this, I can rant all I want about Britain's rival fashion magazines but I'll just have to make do because that's all that is on offer here. I live outside a small city where Vogue and Elle is about as fashionable as it gets. My recent attempt to get POP recently turned out to be a disaster, running, rain, sold out. I was nothing short of fuming as I had been given the heads up that is was on sale in said shop but as things turn out they must have only been selling about three copies. So what's the conclusion you may say, I'm not sure there is one, this is just an good old - fashioned rant although come to think of it, it might be MOVE!


Alya said...

Let's see.. Vogue or Elle? In your case I would have gone for the one with the better cover, really. And that would be Elle.

I'm really too bored with Kate Moss's same expressions and looks in all the editorials I've seen. An interview with Alexa would have been much more interesting..

Anonymous said...

I find so many magazines all start to look the same as each other - I've stopped buying them completely now except for Nylon. I used to buy Pop but it's so expensive here in Australia ($30) that I've had to only buy it on special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, that sort of thing :D

beccajanie said...

She does always seem to have that expression. Luckily here we have a bit more of an array of magazine choices.

Anonymous said...

It's sad how disappointing magazines have become- it's not wonder so many people read blogs instead. And I totally agree, Kate Moss is a really predictable and uninteresting choice for a cover- especially in that pose.

Isa said...

I find that now all magazines are equal ..
In your place, I would choice Alexa, I love this girl, she's so natural !

Juliet said...

I would have done the same, Vogue. But to me UK Vogue is good. I ordered US Vogue last year (June 07-June08) and got so BORED WITH IT. The articles were sleepy and ment for about 50-year-old and the editorials were not good enough to cover it. So everytime I see UK Vogue ( it is not that often, they sell way more the US version in here) I am jumping from joy.

Though it is true. Vogues aren't doing their best ( I am not talking about Italy and French in here) they are OLD.

juliet xxx

discothequechic said...

I have to say, I don't find ELLE at all hit and miss. I think it cleaned up it's act incredibly well, really tapping into (for me, anyway) the exciting and inspiring side of fashion.

Although Vogue will probably always have an influence and a status as a fashion authority, I certainly don't see it as being relevant to young people. And seriously, if I read another article about the wardrobe of somebody rich's wife, I think I will scream. Having said that I no longer read Vogue UK so I'm not at risk! ha.

Elle has sculpted itself into an edgy and fashion forward magzine whereas Vogue is more classic and for older readers.

ellastica said...

it's all about target market and whether their intention is "keeping up with the young guns".
there are plenty of rags geared toward "younger readers" who want to be hip to it: nylon, lula, teenvogue etc. nylon is lame.
i find seeing a 30 something veteran model, mother, fashion icon/revolutionary/entrepreneur on the cover of UK Vogue utterly inspiring.
i'm more bored of socialite off-spring and It girls who dress like every other college hipster with deeper pockets.
UK Vogue wins hands down.

Cris Lazoru said...

I don't think tha UK Vogue is the best one, but you can find good things in there too. And I loved MK in Elle.


Romany said...

Magazine covers are really annoying me right now. I just feel like strolling into the US Vogue offices and letting them have a piece of my mind ("that last Kate Moss cover was really the last straw"). Lol, so harsh I know. But they have to know that the recent fall in magazine circulation isn't just a coincidence or coming out of nowhere, surely.

coco said...

I'm team Elle all the way. I never buy UK Vogue, I think it is a complete waste of money. I do agree they do some nice shoots but I can see those all online if I need too.
Elle has improved a lot in the last year I think. And I much prefer their cover girls, isn't Kate on Vogue every other month?


one word

like your blog


Diana Coronado said...

Mmmm UK Vogue is not the best one.
I vote for Elle hehe.
Greetings !!

penelope said...

MK in Elle was amazing! I always do the "Flip" Test~ I'll flip through the glossy and see if anything catches my eye! And if it does~ I'll get that particular one((:

Kat said...

Great to see lots of people joining in on the debate. Elle seems to be running away with it as of now. Its interesting to see that a few of you have mentioned that Elle has really cleaned up its act in recent months which now that you say it is certainly true. I mean, jumping from Paris Hilton to Chloe Sevigny is a pretty good jump.

I think I'm beginning to understand where the problem lies now - Elle is taking leaps to be considered more inspiring and exciting whereas Vogue is staying in the same position. Now if elle could only have more text!

I'm glad to see though that I'm not the only one who enjoys Vogue from time to time though, so thank you ellastica!

ryder said...

she is so wonderfull in this editorial.
it is a octobar cover, but the cover brings up that end of the summer vibe.
i cant believe that kate can bring so much to the photo over and over again.
i love her for leting photographers shot her naked, with no make up, i love her versatility, love ther
that she is older, that she has problems, that she is "one of us".
and from the all freash faces that we see around, she is the freshest from them all.

karen elson's cover was so amazing... the redish theme.

but it is not about who is on the cover, let's face it: vogue uk always present same people, whenever you open it: you will for sure find same faces like lily donaldson, sasha and deyn.

vogue italia is bring edge and new faces!

Dapper Kid said...

Personally I do love the editorials in UK Vogue. But overall the UK Elle is faaar better.


You've got the same issue with the French magazines, and I can tell you that the French Elle is quite boring, that's why I bought the Elle UK with Alexa Chung's cover. I find more interesting fashion issues on the internet.