Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anarchy in ...autumn

As a spear header of the punk movement of 1977, no one can do the quintessential 'punk'/'rockchick look quite like the Queen of Punk - Vivienne Westwood - herself. Her a/w collection still boasts an attitude as bold as her early collections for Sex, her legendary Kings' Road shop at the height of the punk movement. This time, its more refined with elegant military coats, prim court shoes, slouchy sweaters, sheer tights, the occasional bloom of bright pink, sophisticated trenches; overall an utterly wearable yet striking collection, that makes it startlingly obvious that Westwood no longer needs to resort to rips and studs to provide vitality and the aforementioned attitude.

The original punk look coined by Westwood and her contemporaries continues to inspire designers and this season, sees several designers maybe not exactly going down the whole 'Anarchy in the UK' route in its entirety but certainly drawing inspiration from that era in British rock history. If there is one look, I really despise, its that pseudo - punk/rock chick look ala Avril Lavigne. Skull and crossbones, pink tartan, leggings, an 'ironic' tutu, you know those plastic and rubber studded accessories you get in Claire's Accessories; downright obnoxious attire if you fit into the over twelves category. Perhaps, then, this is just me, (hopefully) providing inspiration for a more mature take on the whole punk - girl thang.

Short jackets, zips, leather trousers, shirts tucked into belted trousers; the chilled - out punk, perhaps? Leather, jumpsuits, sheer detailing, black; unleashing that inner dominatrix punk. I find Comme Des Garcons' a/w collection thoroughly 1977 punk. The ripped detailing, shredded material, plastics, cage designs, jackets and the strange deconstruction of garments are almost traditionally non - conformist and for me, seeped in punk culture. The tartan at House of Holland could have been a disaster merely because its more fun then edgy but I still quite like this look..probably because of the matching eye - patch.

picture of punk women in dresses courtesy of


Anonymous said...

loved this post! your fashion history posts are always the best bar none :) nice photo collages!

Kira Fashion said...

I do love westwood and the punk style is really cool!!!

a kiss!!

mary said...

I love these pictures... although I tend to dress very prim there's still a tiny rebelion in my I didn't manage to satisfy with my goth years... and these pictures are totally bringing it out.

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure the vivianne westwood and comme des garcons are the reigning rock/punk collections.
well at least, that's what i think.

yepp apparently. Nicole is the highest paid actress!

miss vintage love said...

I love the old punk style! Great post!

Romany said...

Wow. This is really well-researched and incredibly detailed. I have to say, I've never been a particularly huge fan of rock-chic fashion but this post is making me doubt my previous tastes. :)

emsie said...

brilliant post. im looking forward to seeing how this trend translates.

Elisabeth said...

Ah, Westwood. She is truly wonderful!

Loved this post!

Ana said...

I always like a dash of punk..some lace or a few pins. It makes everything more exciting.

The Clothes Horse said...

Great post. Punk's never been my style, but it is very appealing at the moment.

coco said...

Vivienne herself is just such an icon. I love her style!

i think thats hauttte said...

you have an awesome blog..this was such a wellwritten post!

Times of Glory said...

Dear, this is one of the best posts! I adore Westwood and her unique punk and quirky dress sense is simply full of humour and style xxxxxxxx

sydneydoll said...


with most of what you said.
avril lavigne is not punk at all!
ties around your neck is not punk.

westwood has great style.
she is gwen stefani's favourite, and she even mentioned her in her song.

your blog is great.

Dapper Kid said...

LOVE Westwood, she is crazy in the right way :)

Fashionstyle said...

Lovely post, "très" rock and roll !!

Sunniva said...

great post! no-one does punk better than Vivienne Westwood, and every season she proves it. all these photos are candy for the eyes!


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Thank you for teaching me something;)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!

But back on topic hehe: I totally agree about the pseudo rock/punk look, it's completely devoid of the original intent and attitude that spurred on the punk culture. I love Vivienne Westwood (and Malcolm) and love the pictures you've featured.


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Iheartshoes said...

I love this post! I learned a few things AND it was inspirational.
Love Vivienne Westwood...she's so creative and a little off the beaten path. I never tire of her.

Anonymous said...

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