Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Swish

This spring I couldn't be happier that the dirndl shaped skirt is everywhere. The swishy skirt is the reason we all the love the 50s as a fashion era. Voluminous, feminine and so much fun to wear, the dirndl skirt is this spring's must have. Wear it knee length for that feminine 50's look or short and playful for a more youthful, girly look. Clinch the waist and wear with your cutest 50's pumps.

50's starlet Grace Kelly exudes femininity in her enormous dirndl skirt whereas Carrie makes a bold but playful statement in her polka dot, dirndl skirt.

Brigitte and Peaches both wear shorter swishy skirts. The frilled layers create a fun, girly feel.

Alexa stole the show at the Elle style awards in this romantic Luella, dirndl - skirted number. Honestly I am in love with this dress! Of course Audrey is the picture of grace and elegance in her black dirndl dress.

I love Audrey's outfit from Roman Holiday as she shows how a dirndl skirt can be worn for everyday just as much as a special occasion. Scarlett brings the dirndl skirt right up to the minute in her voluminous, rich purple dress.

I love how these two girls from Facehunter where their dirndl skirt in such fun, fashion forward ways. Still feminine but just screaming with personality.

Dolce and Gabbana's dirndl skirts are my favourite this season. I love the thick fabric and clinched waists.

Donna Karen goes for 50's summer chic with her elegant full skirted dresses.

At Gucci the dirndl is mixed with a bit of rock chick edge for an exciting contrast. I love the combination of full skirt and fitted jacket.

Meanwhile at Karl Lagerfeld, the dirndl skirt gets a fun, youthful new lease of life.


LML said...

oh yes i want one for spring - i love skirts, they are soooo much more comfortable than pants i think :)

love briget bardot!

Emma said...

cute skirts i love how the people you chose resemble the icons so much

Anonymous said...

yay glad to see you back again :)

great post! they are the reason why we love the 50s :) and its good they're back in style. once again, awesome job giving us the history behind it. my favorite outfit is audrey's- i'm on a mission for a khaki skirt

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Fred The Mole said...

I love Audrey Hepburn !

Fred the Mole

atelier said...

I am totally in love with that skirts! especially Carrie's one. I have already mine for this summer;)

Ana said...

very fun and flirty.
im glad i now know the term.

Aretha said...

Love this vintage styled skirts. Simply beatiful and chic

Elisabeth said...

Fantastic! I love this style of skirt!

Maria said...

First I have to say that I really enjoyed reading your post, but as an Austrian I have to say that those are not typical Dirndl cuts. Well not all of them :)

Fashiographer said...

It's weird because they never really left the style...It was only a couple of years ago when they were in and now they are back, without me really noticing they have been gone. Until I started thinking about it.

It's funny how fashion makes such tiny circles.

penelope said...

i love this kind of skirts! so fun! gosh i was practically falling out of my seat in the cinema whn i saw the outfits in Hairspray!

DO post a picture of you wearing something like that(((:

Tinsley said...

it looks like so much fun to wear. I have a black and blue silk one that I wear with a black scoop neck top - very audrey hepburn likee

i love how its interpreted in modern day

Allure said...

I like this skirts a lot, but I can't find a decent one.

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

i am loving these kinds of skirts!

coco said...

I love full skirts
I think they look really great on the red carpet
I wish people would wear them more often

ChiliLady said...

I really like this trend, but I'm afraid I won't be able to wear this in my everyday life.

discothequechic said...

feel a little behind that I didn't actually kow the name of this shape..but now I do!

That facehunter girl (with the baggy black sweater) really caught my eye with that look.

And your high street picks are great.
ahh, now I want to eat macaroons next to a big slobbery dog just like Carrie did in her skirt.

Anonymous said...