Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ballet Shoes

This spring I am simply drooling over the sugary pinks, snowy whites and gauzy chiffon that drifted down this season's runways. Short, fairy - like dresses of dreamy, ethereal shades and delicate, fabrics of chiffon, lace and feather trims whispers of the girlish fragility of ballet dancers and the graceful daintiness of the intricate art of ballet. At the mention of ballet I think of the exquisite costumes of glistening gossamer - like fabrics and the clouds of pastel tulle, the porcelain elegance and the ageless beauty of the ballerinas as well as the highly skilled practice that is ballet. Of course, along with these rather obvious associations, the work of Degas always comes to mind too.

Much of Degas' work celebrates movement and must famously the movement of ballet. His snapshots of chalky pastel ballet scenes capture the vitality of ballet dance as well as the angelic youthfulness of the ballerinas. The blurred texture, the soft, blooming tutus so sumptuous in artistic detail one could almost touch the layers and layers of fabric and the colours - rosy blushes, creamy whites, bursts of blue and green, ripe peaches, corals and dappled yellows winking in the theatre lights.

Just a couple of Degas' many, many ballet studies

To translate this grace of movement and fairy - ballerina twinkle into your wardrobe, think soft, delicate and dream - like as the buzz words, flimsy fabrics and feminine details of gentle frills and sparkling silver embellishments. Nothing most be overpowering but there most be an other worldly element and a doll - like youthful charm.

Michelle Williams in a the Vogue's April edition. I just adore this picture, it is the epitome of doll - like dreaminess! The lace, delicate colours and that magnificent, 'fit - for - a princess' hair piece makes it the perfect mood board image for this post. Michelle is the perfect blend of pixie and ballerina.
The mellow pink - tinged coral of Keira's dress and Audrey's romantic ballerina dress show how glamorous ballet - chic can be.

Alexa Chung strikes a ballerina pose in this gorgeous, girly crochet mini dress.

Chanel Haute Couture s/s 08 is exactly what this post is about. The fairytale beauty, icy whites, blushing pink, glinting hair pieces, the youthful white tights and of course the ballet slippers. I find this collection particularly enthralling as it is almost childlike in it's dollish details and proportions. The detail in the dresses is equally fascinating - feathers, beading, sequins, frills, tufts of fabric sprouting like snowy flowers; just beautiful. Indeed, the immense detail that the dresses consist of mirrors the painstaking precision of ballet dance.

I love these tutu type dresses at Miu Miu. Young and frivolous but ever so ballerina.

At Daks ballet dresses feature but this time with a more sophisticated silhouette. The colours are subtle but feminine and gorgeous ruffles add an element of flamboyance.
There is something in these light summer dresses that remind me of ballet. The simple colours and girly pink stitching make them wonderfully fairy - like too.
Of course Luella translates the ballet vibe into something frightfully cool. The sugar pink velvet tiers of these dresses have been occupying my dreams for some time now.

I love these silver, diaphanous dresses at Erin Fetherston. Swan lake meets otherworldly creature.
Victor and Rolf''s s/s show was all about harlequins but somehow these dresses have a balletic feel. The glittery pink is floaty and fairy - ish whilst the white tiered dress reminds me of a ballerina's tutu. Possibly my favourite collection this season was John Galliano. Overall the collection was inspired by 20's flapperdom meets painted doll but some of the pieces although not strictly ballet still had that sugary sweetness and ballerina elegance. This look particularly caught my eye with it's layers of soft rose chiffon.

Audrey wears an elegant ballet bun whilst dazzling hair pieces adorned the somewhat haughty hair dos at Chanel.

The make - up at Victor and Rolf was romantic with glistening rosy gloss and porcelain skin, perfect for balletic chic. Meanwhile at Chanel the make - up had a more snow - queen feel with misty ice - blue shadows. The snow - queen feel continued with intricate crystal tiaras.

Ballet slippers graced the Chanel Haute Couture show with a dollish daintiness. Gorgeous flats of satin embellished with pearls and twinkling sequins pirouetted down the runway.


Alya said...

oooooooh lovely lovely lovely!!

i cant think of a better word! this is sooo cute and pretty.

I just bought a light pink dress so that I can wear it girly style.

The Clothes Horse said...

These fantasty/romantic looks are definitely what I am envisioning for spring.

Bojana said...


This is the best post, EVER.

I really really enjoyed it a lot -you featured delightful writing and gorgeous photos.

I've been having the excat same feeling and crush on ballerina like, delicate clothing, but I haven't been able yet to translate it into a post -but no problem because you did it, and for sure better than I could/anyone would!!

This is exactly the look I'm going for this spring. Again, yay yay yay and thank you for this amazing , great post!!

discothequechic said...

huff, well i've never been a dancer but this post make sme wish that i was a teensy bit!

love it when links are made between art and fashion in terms of inspiration whether conscious or not.

Wendy said...

Very lovely to look at the various interpretations of ballerinas by the designers. I think I'm partial to Miu Miu!

Aretha said...

You always do the best fashion romantic posts!
Love all the pics and dresses... I was a ballerina when I was a little girl :)

hannah said...

im loving all of this. so soft and lovely. i really need to get a sweater or something in ballerina pink.

Addison said...

fantastic post!!! im seriously drooling. ballet-inspired things are such an obsession of mine, and yours too it seems!

atelier said...

This post is really great! I enjoy reading it. I've always loved Degas work, he really studied in detail ballerinas and it's so nice seeing his paintings. I love Alexa C. girly dress, it's adorable.

coco said...

The Keira Rodarte dress is rather Ballet style
I loved that dress on her
The Degas paintings are some of my faves as well

LML said...

LOVELY post!!! i was gaagaa for the couture chanel show as well - the shells for inspiration, the models all looked like nymphs/ballerinas! love it! the bedazzled staple flats were the best part! love all the pictures you paired up for this post - LOVELY!

miss_vogue said...

such a beautiful post! i love that this season is so dreamy and feminine...just lovely.

Elisabeth said...

Gorgeous post, as ever.

Love the selection of romantic ballet inspired fashion.

Oh! To be a long limbed ballernia....!

Cool Urbanite. said...

A very sweet post with all those romantic, soft colors, ruffles and ballerina style! And the pictures are well choosen! The one with the red dress from Galliano next to an ancient picture, the dresses almost look the same!!

Cris Lazoru said...

Ahh what a darling post! Truly divine, your post are always so lovely.


ByRICHaRD said...

i really like them Miu Miu frocks.
theyre the hot cheese to my bread.
i love the way you write, its an inspiration to read and great to hear from someone who has less cynisism and more passion. keep it up-idi-up.

Molly :] said...

Simply gorgeous.
I LOVE the way you link art into your posts :)

My mum used to be a ballet dancer and i used to do it when i was little so i guess thats had an impact on my life. I do tend to wear pinks alot and i have a strange obsession with net skirts :) x

Fashion Ivy said...

Hey thanks for visiting mt blog. Would u like to link

dreamecho said...

thanks for the kind words on my blog! yes, i'd like to exchange links. i'll add you now!

molly said...

LOVE alexa chung and her dresses, especially the white one!

Eamon said...

Degas is great. Nice blog you have.

Allure said...

This is my favourite trend for this season. White dresses paired with ballerinas is all I want to wear.

Anonymous said...

What great photos and coverage of the ballet trend! I love the chanel oufits...they look like they are walking cupcakes!

Aisha said...

Michelle Williams really looked amazing in that Vogue shot, gorgeous indeed.

I love ballet inspired stuff, ruffles and ballerinas always do great. I used to do ballet when I was a little girl :)

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

What a LOVELY post! you made my day with this! :) Hugs

Sally Jane said...

All so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Ballet flats rule!

Anonymous said...

hey does anyone know where alexa's lace cream dress if from or designer??

Anonymous said...








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