Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Prints are everywhere this spring - stars at YSL and Chanel, abundant florals, oversized polka dots, even bats at Luella. Prints are one of those things that tend to make you feel nauseous after a while, indeed many have suffered from print overload! I'm not over enthusiastic about all these prints and patterns. Although, I do like the soft florals, I think it's a little too cold yet to be frolicking about in flowery tea dresses and floaty, summer frocks. There is one pattern however that it always in fashion and that's the stripe.

The stripe is one of those items that is associated with so many things - there's the Parisian Stripe, a personal favourite when teamed with a sweet beret, there's the Pirate Stripe, bold but quite fun too, the 60s Stripe, another favourite, think Edie and Twiggy, teamed with thick black tights, the Nautical stripe, chic and glamorous, channel the look of the rich and the beautiful yachting in St. Tropez, the Preppy Stripe, tennis and polo, boarding school prep and tea and scones, the Candy Stripe, sugary sweet, My Little Ponies and ice cream sundaes, the Classic Stripe, elegant and feminine, a favourite for fashion icons like Kate and Audrey.

Audrey wears the Classic stripe, always simple and elegant. Twiggy in a youthful, 60s' striped mini dress
Alexa and Sienna prove the stripe to be a must for any wardrobe. The stripe is something that never goes out of style.

Kate wears a classic striped jumper with black tights for a 60s' twist. Kirsten wears the Parisian Stripe complete with a beret.

Of course Brigitte wears a Parisian -esque stripe although with her hooped earrings it is almost a Pirate stripe. Edie is nonchalant in cool 60s' stripes.

Classic, elegant stripes at Carolina Herreara and a striped circus - esque blazer at Chanel

St. Tropez perfect stripes at Paul Smith and a cute, funky striped jumper at Louis Vuitton

Moody - cool stripes at Armani and paint box brights at Louis Vuitton

Preppy striped tees at Lacoste perfect for a spot of tennis. Striped tube top at Betsy, super for the roller disco.

Serious prep at Paul Smith - the 'Bookish Stripe'. Ahoy, Pirate stripes at Gautier

Stripey details at Paul Smith and Betsy Johnson - sophisticated scarf tie and kitsch 50s' bathing costume.


Isa said...

I´m not a stripes person but there are definitely people who pull it off so well without looking plain at all.

I think there´s never enough of edie anyway!

plus: how lovely that you adore sienna miller! I think most people became very bored by her and I agree that her style has changed, not into a very positive direction.
but there still is some inspiration lying in her and I always love to look at the old pictures!

Allure said...

I couldn't agree more. Stripes are a basic in my wardrobe.

The Clothes Horse said...

Those stripes are classic, but is it possible for them to be overdone? I'm torn between liking them and being concerned that everyone else will have one!

Anonymous said...

awesome as always :) you did a great job of finding examples from absolutely everywhere of the stripe

Rachel said...

This couldnt be a nice more stylish collection of images, they are all so inspiring and I feel like going out and buying myself a whole lotte stripped outfits :)

Elisabeth said...

I love stripes!

That's all I can say!

Great post :)

Molly ;) said...

Im really into the sailor stripes look [a la Lacoste!]. I think it is always a really chic look, and is easy to pull off!
Thanks for accepting the link exchange, i do love the blog. x

coco said...

I seriously never get bored of stipes
I like white with skinny blue stripes the best!

cinderella said...

wow i never thought of stripes as amazing as they turned out to be! and i do think that florals are great, but only in moderations. i was not a fan of balenciaga's florals...

jadorevogue said...

I love stripes, especially black/white or navy/white.
Great post!

discothequechic said...

Ha, I'm wearing my striped Breton sweater right this minute!

It's quite oversized and made of this lovely fabric. Quite 80's, we're in love..

Aisha said...

Stripes will always be cool :)
I personally own some striped tees and i keep them, because i know it's a classic trend that i never get bored of.

There are many prints, but none as the stripes. Everyone got tired of polka dots, bot no one of stripes ;)

LML said...

stripes can be very classsic indeed! whenever i buy something striped my mom is like "what is it with you and stripes" - i guess they just make me feel parisian lol! i love examples of the different kind of stripes there are - cool post again :D

lily said...

Wow i never thought about all the different types, there are so many!

The runway shots you chose are a good selection

Heather said...

I've recently begun to adore stripes...

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...


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Kira Fashion said...

i think stripes never goes out of fashion, i have a lot of shirts with that print and i wear them all seasons...

great post!!!


Aretha said...

Love this post, really!!! I was thinking of doing something like this in my blog, but you did it first :)
Everyday love and love more your blog, is just great

Bojana said...

Great post!! It made me want to wear more stripes

I love the pictures.

Andy said...

I'm not a fun of stripes but they're some outfits who could be cute.

New on my blog
comment it :-)

Manda said...

I love your style. Totally classic totally striped is totally me! you're going on my list

ei! kumpel said...

stripes are forever!

la petite fashionista said...

you always hear about how horizontal stripes are not slimming and to avoid them, but i think they can look so chic, especially skinny stripes. It reminds me of france, and 60s icons :)



i love stripes and i think they are always in! in fact i just wore striped shirt two days ago! its so basic!

Romeika said...

I'm not into stripes, I always think it's going to look unflattering on me, however, it does look great in Audrey and Kate Moss.

I've tagged you, Kat:


Nicole Then said...

I love stripes. haha, it's so chic and still casual. oh and i love those quotes by the side :)

exchange links? love your blog

Daphné said...

I just LOVE stripes,so classy.And I just bought the same exact top as Alexa Chung at H&M!

Ediot said...

love your blog. this post is amazing!

Anonymous said...