Friday, December 28, 2007

New year, new rules

What can one resolute to do in fashion? With 2008, just around the corner, in a matter of days, if we're being technical about it, is in not time to make those new year resolutions? Here are my so very fashionable new year resolutions.

1. Girl needs a hair cut. I resolve to cut some of the barnet off.
2. I need to get out of the dark blue skinnys. So begins the jean hunt.
3. I promise that while the sales are on, that I will not buy a whole load of junk that I will wear once.
4. I resolve to think long and hard before I make any purchases.
5. I shall do even more bargain hunting then ever before - vintage, cheap, secondhand, none of you are safe.
6. I promise that when I buy fashion magazines, I will read them properly from cover to cover to get my money's worth rather then just flicking through them and reading the interesting bits.
7. In summer I will not buy a whole lot of summary clothes that I will never get the chance to wear.
8. In summer I will not be seen in sickening colours.
9. I will buy myself a nice ring, from that voucher I have yet to use.
10. Now for some cheese - I resolve to always wear what I want to wear,
Now tell me what are your fashion new year resolutions?


Diana @ So Fash'on said...

still have to think about the list:)

Anonymous said...

hmmm good question, lets see:

try the more audacious outfits out that are brewing in my head, for i find they are often actually the most complimented and fun

wear more earrings, i have enough, but i've been shying away from accessories in general all year

organize my purse, i can find a highlighter, or an ipod in it, but not my cell hmm?

be more creative with the staple of the white blouse

wear the damn vest you bought already, more!

there that's good for now :)

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

"Ipromise that while the sales are on, that I will not buy a whole load of junk that I will wear once."

I could not agree more!

Cool Urbanite. said...

Happy New Year to you too!

My resolutions..hmmm:

1. Only being clothtes that I really need. And learn not to buy in an impuls.
2. More posting on my blog :).
3. Go to bed early, haha!

FashionQueen101 said...

to wear all my clothes in my waredrobe not just the ones i have jut bought.

to only buy what i need and look round and hunt for items instead of going to topshop and buyiong anything that looks nice.

MR style said...

who can really survive with your rule number four ?!! not many !?

Tru said...

good ones...I guess mine would be to pay mroe attention to accesories, go vintage shopping, and think about my outfits before I throw them on

Aretha said...

Great resolutions! And you have all my fashion icons in one pic, great!
I will promise that I'm gonna buy a fashion magazine once a month and never two in the same (money problems, anyone?)
And of course, have a great New Year's Eve party!

Kat said...

True story, Mr Style! One can only dream!

Romeika said...

Kat, I pretty relate myself to these three:

3. I promise that while the sales are on, that I will not buy a whole load of junk that I will wear once.
4. I resolute to think long and hard before I make any purchases.
5. I shall do even more bargain hunting then ever before - vintage, cheap, secondhand, none of you are safe.

Lovely collage, btw!

donna AND navaz said...

Happy New Year Kat! Our new year resolution is to be more adventurous with our outfits. And our hair. And our make-up...

LML said...

hmmm.. u pretty much summed it all up! yea i need to be much more diserning when buying things on sale, need to tame my hair and not think about that last, and find an awesome prom dress!

oh and i left something for u on my blog :)

ashley said...

these are some really good resolutions actually! :)

happy new yr!!

coco said...

those are good resolutions
I love summery clothes, I wear them in winter too, which is why i am always cold!

Sunniva said...

Great resolutions for the New Year!!

I always have a habit of breaking my New Year's resolutions so I don't think it's wise to have any this year...;p sad, but true !

la petite fashionista said...

i just wrote my new years resolutions too:) good to think about!

Kira Fashion said...

For me, i want to be dressed so classy almost all the time, even to go to work...i work in the morning and sometimes i get lazy to be dressed more classy and cool. 2008 i want to be classy all the time and study some spanish to talk better with the friends here and of couse learn another great language to travel too.

a kiss
have a nice party!

Heather said...

Wise resolutions! I plan to spend less on clothes, cut my wardrobe down to purely what I wear, get craftier, and be less awkward in real life :).

Mash said...

my good resolution is : posting more as possible on my blog ;)
happy new year to you too :)

penelope said...

wow love yr prev post!! so so brillant and as for vivienne westwood's comment. haha i guess. c'est la vie..

as for the resolution thing.
1. keep my closet organized so that i can find my stuff so much more wif ease in the morning

2. wear clothes that i love and suits me to a T((:

3. dress my part as a fashion blogger=p hahah
[oh god. smt i really get flak frm my friends for dressing like the girl next door):]

4. have so much more fun with my lacoste polos(((:

Ana said...

wow i too need to not buy a load of crap at sales-but cheapness is so enticing!

Elisabeth said...

Hmm, off the top of my head these would include:-

1. Not to buy an entire new outfit for any old reason.

2. Use accessories more.

3. Sort out my wardrobe and get rid of items I won't wear again.


Dianed said...

Not be afraid to wear whatever I want despite being over 40....

Bojana said...

Haha great list!!

I linked you, finally :D

Aisha said...

Great resolutions.
I'm not sure about my own fashion resolutions. I guess one of them is taking care of my long bangs, i mean cuting them once in a while, because everytime i try them they end being swept side bangs because i don't cut them (:

The Clothes Horse said...

I want to dress edgier. But who really knows what 2008 will bring fashion-wise? I'm just open to the possibilities.


-Get off the d-list, (see site)
-buy totes i will tote more than 1 time
-reach my 100th post
-lose 5 pounds, just the xmas weight! the healthy way, not the fashion way..

Cris Lazoru said...

Ohhh good! Mine is to have my clothes more organized!


riz said...

I used to do that with fashion mags, but now I actually can't help but read them cover to cover. It's weird I friek out if I see people skip bits. Probably OCD...

Allure said...

Great and thoughtful resolutions.I want to be more confident with myself, and that includes clothes.

Anonymous said...