Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My Christmas gift to you

Ahh that time of year again when you need the most over - the - top, luxurious, outfits; Christmas is certainly all about the glamour. Maybe I'm on my own here but I always find it rather stressful to find these fabulous outfits. You go into one sequin laden shop after another glistening diamante fest, until you reach a zone of hysterics. Feelings of panic flood your mind as you begin to fret about not finding that perfect, suitably over - the - top - outfit, a sequin induced sweat is building on your forehead, your head is buzzing from the dizzying embellishments and your eyes are darting nervously towards some pieces from the Girls Aloud House of Tack as you begin to consider outfits that you would previously have only laughed at. Hold the tears, stop the tantrums, there is no need to panic now as I have prepared a delightfully concise list of winter 2007 must have buys to make your Christmas outfit buying as carefree as possible.
(In no particular order)

1. Black patent high heeled Oxfords
- Dignified, demure and a little quirky,

Black Patent High heeled Oxfords £55 Faith
2. 1920's style flapper dress - Fringing, tassles, sparkles, beading, feathers and all that jazz. Playful glamour.

20's Flapper style is one of this seasons major looks and provides a contrast to the dark, sophisticated glamour of the 40s. Sparkle in glittery dresses and be fawned over in feathers and tassles. Complete the look with a playful headband and an eye - catching cocktail ring.

Flapper style comes to the runway

3. Statement Hosiery - Ribbed, coloured, chunky, glittery or 1940's with a seam, whatever the case get those legs out in style

Glittering space - age tights at Threeasfour

4. Sequined beret - Doesn't necessarily have to be sequined... I'm just partial to the sequins.

Beret £15 Topshop, for sparkling festive spirit

5. Black Chiffon - Very chic and great in both shirt or chiffon sleeved dress form.
Black chiffon, ruffle tunic, £50 Warehouse

6. Wide legged tailored trousers
- Be a man, make like Katherine Hepburn.

Katherine Hepburn exudes sophistication in wide legged trousers and tailored jacket

7. Red lipstick - Release that inner vixen.

Seductive femme fatale lips at Valentino

8. Pencil skirt - 40's glamour at it's most wearable and perhaps even at it's best

Fishtail Pencil skirt £30 Topshop

9. Statement earrings - well this is more of an everyday thing for me, so you can imagine the kind of earrings I wear when dressing up! Earrings are a must for glamorous dressing up.

Chandelier earrings £8 Miss Selfridge

10. Faux fur stole - This winter it is all about old Hollywood glamour, be a diva and cosy up in furs.

Romatic fur stole at Lanvin

Hollywood icon Marlene Dietrich proves that a fur stole is the last word in glamour

11. Gloves - Gloves were seen all over the catwalks. Not only are gloves glamorous but lets face it, they are practical too.

Elbow length gloves at Yves Saint Laurent, for the femme fatale in us all

12. Satin - Whether it's a neat jewel coloured blouse or a show - stopping, floor - sweeping gown, dress up in sinuous satins.

Kate Moss glistens in pale gold satin in the Vogue UK December edition

13. The perfect winter coat - What could be more important?

Sienna in a navy 40's suillhuette coat

Chic, classic and cream at Stella McCartney

Audrey Hepburn in the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany's double breasted Givency coat

Vintage style, full skirted maxi coat £150 Topshop


Anonymous said...

helo hun!!

you were busy today.. I wondered what inspired all this....!!!!

I likey, likey!!!

I h8 cleaning
hehe xoxoxoxoxox

coco said...

i love siennas coat i have been trying to find out who designed it for ages
great post!!!! I was wondering where your posts were hahah

The Clothes Horse said...

I want everything on this list and then then some! Gorgeous picks.

Tru said...

awesome post

Elisabeth said...

Some gorgeous things - I am already a fully paid up member to the Addicted to Red Lipstick Club (teehee) and I am inspired to buy a pencil skirt!

ByRICHaRD said...

surely you would get quite hot if you wore all that.
i love those shoes though.

Anonymous said...

adored this post, makes me wanna dress up for xmas too! :) particualrly in love with the flapper dress and sequined beret

Cool Urbanite. said...

You really love the 40's don't you? But I can't give you wrong that it was a very glamorous period.

And thanks for the list of must buys! My dilemma for this winter, it doesn't even matter that it's a bit late, is finding the perfect wintercoat. Like the one Sienna is wearing is just, just perfect!

cotton candy said...

all i want for christmas is the black patent heels.

Romeika said...

I'd love to get many of these items for Christmas, but the 1920s flapper dress would definetely be on the top of my top 10 list right now:-)

Fun post!

atelier said...

I love the idea of '20 flatter dresses, they are amazing!

LML said...

awesome list! yea i find it hard to put together those glam outfits while still trying to NOT look like everyone else! love the tips:)

i kno youve probally already done this, but i tagged you on my blog! i did it again for the 2nd time, but they can be kinda fun!

The Seeker said...

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Aretha said...

Love your back! I want all those gifts that you post, specially those coats, wonderful coats

Emma said...

I heart everything you posted most of it had a 50's vibe so so sheek

penelope said...

love love the 40s and it's glamour!!!
aww it would be fab if i could get all of those in my christmas stocking!! haha

alexgirl said...

Oooh, I love all that stuff! I want! I want!!!
Love the patent oxfords, and surprisingly, the red beret. Not usually a beret person, but that one is cute.
Thanks for the eye candy!

riz said...

Everythin here is just so great, but at the moment I an obsessed with having a fur stole. The one you depict here is great, preferably in black.

Belle said...

I really want a flapper dress, they are soo cute. Great post.

morgan said...

So the Audrey Hepburn die for!!!!
No one wore coats like Audrey...
my absolute favorite one is the bright pink that she wore in "how to steal a million"

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

I want those oxford shoes but with all the snow this winter i doubt i'll get the chance to wear 'em!

ashley said...

i love those tights!!

Heather said...

Long gloves are the epitome of glamour! Good list!

Anonymous said...
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