Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dancing Queen

The 70s has always been perhaps my least favourite decade of fashion, the hippie - boho - peasant look just doesn't do it for me and I can't say I am much of a safety pin wearing, mohawk sporting punk either, to put it mildly. However I have been thinking, what with Christmas coming up and lots of festive occasions to attend in need of sparkly, uber - glamorous outfits, the 70's is actually quite and apt inspiration. Never mind the punks and the hippies, but what about Studio 54 glam, D.I.S.C.O. glitter, shimmering metallics and fluid shapes.

Abba's Agnetha -70's Dancing queen

The disco era is epitomised by the designs created by designers such as Paco Rabanne and Roy Halston and is actually quite a grown up look, if inspiration is taken from cult nightclub Studio 54 divas rather then the roller disco. Halston was the designer of choice for the Studio 54 A - list crowd and his iconic deep - v- necked, Grecian style dresses were adored by stars such as Joan Collins and Bianca Jagger.

To create the look this festive season think fluid silhouettes and plenty shimmer and sparkle. Wide leg trousers and skinny leg trousers, trouser suits preferably all white for Bianca Jagger lux style, shiny and chiffon fabrics, Grecian inspired floor length dresses or disco - diva mini dresses. Finish the look with Farrah Fawcett waves and glossy, sparkling make - up.

Modern style icon Kirsten Dunst in vintage Versace, is clearly taking inspiration fron 70's icon Lauren Hutton's 1980 Oscar look. Lame and metallic fabrics were a favourite for the dance floor and fluid, drop waisted dresses were popular in the late 70s and early 80s.

Likewise Leslie Feist's blue, glitter catsuit is reminiscent of Charlie's Angel's Jaclyn Smiths royal blue catsuit. The catsuit was (and probably still is!) a particularly head - turning disco look.

Bianca Jagger, above, in one of her iconic white trouser suits. Bianca who was a Studio 54 firm fixture, even got married to Mick Jagger in a white trouser suit, although this time it had nothing underneath and worn with a show stopping, wide brimmed, white hat. Fast foreword to the noughties, and the white trouser suit is out and about again, like this one from Kate Moss's Topshop collection.

Mary Kate's fabulous white dress reminds me too of Bianca's white Grecian Halston gown. The deep v- neck, flowing skirt and Grecian esque design were the key features of an attention - grabbing Halston dress.

The delightful LML at Modern Marie tagged me a while back so since it's the festive season I decided to give it a shot. So here goes.....
1. I draw shoes everywhere. All over my school books and most odd - on my hands while in class or whilst studying.
(One of my shoes - )

2. I have naturally ridiculously curly hair. And ridiculously big may I add too.
3. I have a phobia of yogurt. Seriously. My friends haven't eaten yogurt in school for years because of my issue.
4. I wish I was a 60's mod. (Fabulous 60's mod icon Jean Shrimpton)

5. I hold Biro's/pencils incorrectly. This means that I have a permanent lump in the middle of the third finger on my right hand.
6. I like to decorate my pencil case with old and/or broken jewellery. In fact my 'pencil case' is actually a handbag!

7. I overdress for everything. Ah, but like Vivienne Westwood said - "You have a better life if you wear in impressive clothes". Yes, definitely a very materialistic comment but lets hope there's some truth in it!


Anonymous said...

ooo cool idea, 70s glam is perfect for holiday parties

Heather said...

I really like the Studio 54 style, and Feist's catsuit has been an object of my envy for quite some time!

Elisabeth said...

I remember thinking how well Feist pulled off that catsuit!

A great post, as always. You have a great skill of showcasing the best of any decade or style.

Sage said...

I really like MKs fabulous white dress!

The Clothes Horse said...

The glitz--the glam--I welcome it back.

Anonymous said...

haha np if we have the same title, honestly its a famous song and an easy one to use, it just proves great minds think alike

coco said...

I love Jerry and Bianca and that whole 70's look
its so cool

Anonymous said...

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Aisha said...

This post is soo great.
I love 70s fashion. Agnetha is definitely a cool icon from the 70s (: and the catsuit Feist wears on her 1234 video is definitely beautiful.

Aretha said...

I just have to say, your blog is awesome! You put everything what I love and this post, of course love it.
Thanks for this!

LML said...

i really like the 70's glam look - some awesme comparisons you made! i love how u mentioned my idol: feist!
love your 7 list ( i have big curly hair too, mine is quite hard to tame lol)

Romeika said...

Great post, Kat. It's such a coincidence you post these photos and write about 1970s style, because right now I'd love to purchase a dress of the sort:

I have looked for vintage online stores from UK, but I haven't found anything as nice as this dress:-( Oh well...

I also love the greek godess look.

jenn said...

omg you have insipred me, your pencil bag is fabulous! i love it.

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

another great post
70s is your least favorite decade?
haha I guess it wasn't that great for fashion I love the 60s and 40s...80s for me was a little over the top.

Cool Urbanite. said...

I like the Charlies Angels. Everytime I see them on tv I get inspiration! Everything is right int their outfits. It's not overdresses, but very simple yet very very fashionable!

And you gotta love Bianca!

Allure said...

A Halston-esque playsuit, and a wrap dress are in my wishlist. I am feeling very 70's lately haha.

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...


alluretone said...

i had no idea that having a lump in your third finger meant you were holding a pencil wrong, cool info, i've always wondered what mine was. i lovee lauren hutton and the charlie's angels catsuit.

Bojana said...

I actually like those old photos. But I prefer the remixed, newer style.

Anyway great post!!

Bojana said...

Ooh and Feist's video is awesome!! I love it

Cris Lazoru said...

I have to say I'm a huge ABBA fan. There I said it. And I adored this post, as always divine.


Aisha said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your pencil case. I forgot to say that on my previous comment ;)

Anonymous said...

hey! nice blog you have! love the retro photos and the glamorous touch!

hugs n kisses from Mexico :D

Anonymous said...


You've got to forgive my incredible excitement but I just can't believe you do it too! The biro quirk I mean! I've always wondered how I got the lump and now I know...I grip pens incorrectly. Must sort that.


riz said...

I love Bianca J, and Lauren Hutton! I cannot wait to see good things from Halston...

-h of candid cool said...

i like the 70s halston look. the silhouette is similar to the 30s gown but tackier.

i loved what penelope cruz wore in blow.

Anonymous said...