Friday, October 5, 2007

Costume Jewellery is a Girls' Best Friend

For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with jewellery. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches and of course earrings. My taste in jewellery is something that is just as important as my taste in clothes, and far more so important then my taste in bags or shoes. I loved jewellery long before I discovered the joys of clothes and perhaps in some ways jewellery is more important to me then any dress could ever be. I have always been baffled by people by people who don't wear jewellery and that was even more so when was younger. In some ways it has irritated me that people love clothes but never wear jewellery, I mean an outfit isn't an outfit without a pair of earrings at least! Of course there is that tedious argument - 'Less is more', but for me anyway less has always equaled dull. I admit however that these days I don't go out and wear my entire jewellery box (ahem, boxes!) at once and might just choose to wear one statement piece. For me jewellery has always defined the outfit, made it something unique to you only; jewellery is the finishing touch that makes it a masterpiece.

In fact one of the reasons why I personally admire Coco Chanel (right) is that she was the pioneer of costume jewellery, my own personal love, forget all that real gold! In 1924 she launched her first costume jewellery collection, a collection that Harpers Bazaar described as “one of the most revolutionary designs of our time.” Coco herself often in fact wore faux pearls. Chanel costume jewellery covered a wide range of styles over the years. Chanel was influenced by Indian, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Deco styles for her costume jewellery, which was designed with her by many artists. The most recognizable pieces are of course her signature pearl necklaces which have become a longterm fixture on the Chanel Runway.

Chanel's legendary Pearl Necklace

Of course, every fashion addict loves Breakfast at Tiffany's so why not take cue from the glorious Holly Golightly and shower your self in costume jewellery. Add some glamour to those dull everyday activities, life needn't be mundane!

Audrey in her iconic, jewellery loving role
The mantra of this blog is - "A girl should be too things - classy and fabulous' and I can't thing of any thing that can make you more fabulous then great jewellery, real or fake. This season costume jewellery is all about opulent cocktail rings. Very 1920's jazz and very Coco; two things that never go out of style.

Rings Accessorise and Pearl Cluster Ring Topshop

Pearl Chain, Crystal Bow Brooch, Gold bangle, Pearl drop earrings, all Accessorize, Owl Brooch and long, twisted gold earrings Topshop, Gold tassel earrings Miss Selfridge.

Diamonds maybe forever, but costume jewellery is far more fun!

PS. I have just been interviewed by the lovely Izzy over at The Iced Coffee Book Club so check it out here


Anonymous said...

omg i love costume jewelry! i've always wanted one of the chanel costume jewelry peices! i particulalry have a pechant for old lady jewelry- i have several necklaces that are very grandma haha, actually one is my great grandmothers necklace- it's simple- black ceramic beads, with little gold rings between each bead, i even wore it my senior photo :)

The Stiletto Effect said...

I love jewelry and I use it everyday!

I adore that Chanel's legendary Pearl Necklace, it is adorable!

That accessorize ring (the golden one with the black stone) is very cool :)

I also put that photo on my blog the other day, because I really like it and in fact, today I went to Accessorize and tried it on :) it looked great, but I didnt bought it :( Now I'm regreting it!

Maybe I'll come back to the store tomorrow lol ;)


discothequechic said...

I like a good selection of cocktail rings myself, two or three on each hand, dahhling!

S xx

cotton candy said...

cocktail rings are absolutely the best!! love lvoe love!! i know what you mean by jewellery addiction - i haven't stopped since and am in need of more space... eek!!

Ana said...

true true true
i love ridiculously big cocktail rings.

jadorevogue said...

To be quite honest, I'm not the biggest fan of fancy jewelry. I especially don't like pearls and cheap daimonds. But big coloured stones both in earrings and rings are adorable. And gold necklaces and bracelets are also my weakness. I love the jewelry you picked out.

LML said...

LOVE costume jewelry. I never have to buy the "made to look vintage" plastic cheap stuff, because my grandmother gives me all her old stuff and i wear it all the time!awesome post! and i love cocktail rings too - they are my hero :)

MOLLY GRAY said...

being coco chanel for one day is every girls dream.
love your post i'm a totally bling bling jewelry fan/adict. i've just purchase a wood bracelet that i totally adore and i cannot stop wearing it. is so big with a weird shape. you should see it.

la petite fashionista said...

i definitely prefer costume jewelry over fine jewelry. That way I don't owrry about breaking/losing something expensive & can look expensive without spending a lot:)

Nikki said...

besides the fact that i can't afford the real thing, costume jewelry is more fun! it adds more visual interest and personality to someone's style. love love love this post!

Izzy said...

Hey, girly! I just wanted to let you knew that i have added your interview onto the blog! It looks great!

Jennifer said...

I love that chanel necklace is so gorgeous
diamonds are a girls best friend!!!!

Romeika said...

Very well said! I agree with this statement that less is dull, i think the right earring or necklace or both can add A LOT to an outfit. Great selections of jewelry, btw. And let's all be inspired by Coco Chanel and Audrey's character in Breakfast at Tiffany's (i love pearls).

riz said...

those are from topshop? they are fabulous; this post will join my long list of reasons to move to the uk! that triple strand chanel is exquisite

Kira Fashion said...

I love the classics, it´s the best always!

a kiss

coco said...

i looooove that selection
and i agree with you it is always a god way to stand out and look amazing

Jennifer said...

Love that ring with the black stone!

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

who doesn't love jewelery?
I don't know if you noticed, but I moved from to, and I would be happy if you could change the link on your blog! Thank you so much for taking the time.
Hugs and kisses, Diana

penelope said...

i love this post!! love the photos u've chosen!! but sad to say. i guess i'm one of those people who doesnt wear jewelleeries!! cept for the one or two rings i would borrow frm my mom.. haha!

anyhow. the post is out(: hope u'll enjoy it!!

G.G. said...

OMG, so very very true!!

muze1990 said...

I don't wear jewelry very often. But lately I'm beginning to look for earrings more. That is the only piece I regularly wear! And your right, they make your outfit more exciting.

Amy said...

great post!
ive always loved costume jewelry..

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