Saturday, September 1, 2007

You make me feel like shopping

So, recently, as regular readers will know, I had a little rant about 'Celebrities taking over the fashion industry and splashing their beautiful, bronzed faces all over my fashion magazines' or something of sorts. Anyway, remember I was flicking through the September issue of British Vogue, scouring for exotic or interesting non celebrity ads. Such are becoming mythical, as few of the advertisements amid Vogue's amble selection had me captivated.

Fashion changes in everything, not just our handbags and 'colours of the season' but in fashion advertising too. As I rifled through, the crisp, glossy pages of Vogue, my eyes wide with anticipation of what the next advertisement would hold, only to be let down when met with a series of mundane, prentention - stinking adverts. Gone are the days, of glamour and visual princesses selling us the must coveted of luxury brands, now faux glamour in the shape of money, sex and debauchery (That's you, Dolce and Gabbana, bottom right), and superiority are what are supposed to make us swoon. Must of these advertisements are joined with a common denominator of similar themes - moodiness, darkness, monochrome, shadows, brooding men and sultry stares(ahem Burberry Prorsum left). To the untrained fashion eye, it may appear that the fashion industry is wishing to sell us depression along with their latest 'it' bag.

However it was not all doom and gloom on the fashion advertisement front; there were some advertisements worthy of mention for managing to steal my concentration from the difficult task at hand. Of course, they do contain some of these fashion advertising trends, that I mentioned above, but they succeeded in the challenge by grabbing my attention, and must importantly making me want to buy the products.

Bottega Veneta
A definite escape from all the provocative camera staring and pouting lips, shot in tones of dull gold and ochre, a luxurious, 20's flapper girl dressing room scene ensues. Undoubtedly a mood lingers in the air, adding to the alluring concoction of rich garments and interiors, and 20's glamour. Poetic and dramatic, Bottega Venteta certainly succeeds.

Miu Miu
Sensual imagery of a glamorous, lounging lady (Laetita Casta) wearing a fuchsia 40's skirt suit and enviable nude and coral heels. Scarlet lips and tousled auburn hair seduces whilst the vivid jewel colours of ruby, amethyst and pink Sapphire grasp the eye.

Miu Miu does sultry glamour in fuchsia

An indigo corsetted, peroxide haired Moss, poses dreamily beneath a veil of inky blue, draped across her porcelain face. A Longchamp bag sits precariously on fragile limbs against a Monet -esque blush of blue. Ethereal and beautiful, this Longchamp campaign is a precious gemstone among it's competitors.

Kate royal in blues for Longchamp

Although set with the gloomy backdrop of an old stage set, in dirty colours of olive and dark green with the murky cloud of greyness overhead; there is something different and exciting about this advertisement, contrary to the sombre mood. Another red lipped lady reminiscent of 1940's starlets, stands nonchalantly with her hands in her pockets a la Katherine Hepburn; is a vishion in flowing white, gold belt and Veronica Lake waves. Impressive things from Gucci, far more so then the high profile Indie campaign.

Gucci proves there's no need for props in their simple yet intrigueing campaign

Worthy of a mention ~ Chanel
An interesting and intelligent campaign from Chanel this season. Dark, seasonal and artistic, an atmospheric showcase for this season's collection.

Winter has come at Chanel

Thoughts? Love or loath this advertisements? What fashion ads make you feel like shopping this season?


Anonymous said...

What a great post! Great choices, especially the Gucci.

My favorites for fall ads are vera wang and lanvin. I did a post about vera wang's fall collection, but the Lanvin ads are absolutely beautiful as well.

Romeika said...

I don't like the latest D&G ads, but those for Gucci look beautiful. As for Miu Miu, i love the pumps and Laetitia Casta is one of my fav models ever. She's so beautiful and curvy, she deserves more attention.

-S said...

ooo! i love love love your header! i really love young twiggy. she had amazing eyes.

Jennifer said...

I've never seen the longcamp ads very very nice!
I still say prada and chanel has the best ones
d & g can sometimes be a bit oever the top.

LML said...

Bottega Veneta's ads are gorgeous - the 1920's inspre me sooo much!

Ana said...

oh wow what a wonderful post. i love the bottega veneta ads and i defenitly agree,i want real glamour and mystery not racy pictures of models staring moodily at the camera.
oh btw thanks for the comment, i just recently got a lovley grey sweaterdress, scoop necked,with a ruffled hem and sleeves. its very versatile-you can layered little slips or thin dresses underneath so they peak out.

coco said...

this blog was full of the most amazing pictures
im such a whore for some fashion photography and your blog never dissapoints me
you find the most stunning pics to illustrate your posts

dianabobar said...

I just added you to my blogroll! Hugs!

Daphne said...

hey loved this post! i love fashion ads, loved the miu miu but also the new BCBG max azria and luis vuitton!

Kira Fashion said...

amazing chanel and prada!

a kiss

nic said...

I love your choice of ads! sigh...that's what I love about fashion =)

oh ya,i'm putting my my "LINK list" so i'm linking you from my blog =)

sara said...

Yeah a lot of advertisements are so not great. Especially in Vogue (expecially in U.S. Vogue).

x sara o

A peace pendant would be very cool, it would king of bring us back to Forest Gump/Vietnam War days when everybody really did want peace. A big peace pin would be awesome.

Sunday Girl said...

I love the Bottega ads- they just look so classic and dreamy. And I agree with you: as soon as you start putting celebs in ads they become something different, but I suppose it's to do with designers trying to sell a brand or lifestyle rather than a bag or some shoes.

Romeika said...

re:Of course i wanna exchange links, Kat! About the red lipstick, it took me a while to find a shade i liked, as i said, during my entire teenagerhood i didn't like shades of red. Those old Hollywood stars you mentioned always worn red in the lips, indeed! I wanted to feature Jean Harlow on the post, but it's hard to find coloured photos of that time.

And yeah, that's the problem with blogger. As soon as i upload the pictures, the paragraphs look like a mess, it takes so long to fix it!:-S

emsie said...

the Bottega Veneta ad is beautiful. i do love the DKNY advert with jessica stam.


Romeika said...

Hey Kat, i've given you an award, check out my blog to see it. ^^

penelope said...

the bottega veneta ads are simply amazing!!!!! and i agree..
calvin klein and d&g are also "selling sex" which is so so tasteless!!!

oh and i love love the juicy ads!!! haha!!!

fab post!

muze1990 said...

That 1920's flapper girl style I like! There is something about 'old' ads. They are catching much more eyes, I think! :P

Cris Lazoru said...

I'm loving the Dior ads with Jessica Stam. So colorful!


Anonymous said...

ads.... are getting boring. but the Bottega Veneta ad you picked is fab. love the mood of it

Moose on the Loose said...

I totally agree with you. Celebrities have enough fame. They've taken over the silver screen, why must they be in my fashion magazine? I hope that it isn't just about BUYING the actual PRODUCT. Unfortunately, that is our culture. Anyways, love the blog. Fabulous post.

Filó said...

Beatiful post!!

satin pump said...

great choices for great ads on a great post!!


Romeika said...

re:That George Michael's song is so very cheesy, indeed, but i adore the video, the supermodels are just so amazing in it=) Have a nice week ^^ Glad you liked the award!

penelope said...

haha thanks a million(:
u too haf got such fab ideas for yr blog(:

anyhow. even though skl is pretty stressful but i guess there're so many other fun stuff to make up for it!!


Flashy_Shades said...

this season, the ads are doing it just as well as the editorials!

also love bottega veneta's, they reek of lux

Mash said...

i love miu miu ads <3 but love chanel too :)

Anonymous said...

oo awesome post! great idea! i mostly get a headache flipping past more ads than articles or fashion spreads, but some are breathtaking!

i hate D&G it is totally disgusting, its totally meant to be provocative i realize, but its just tacky

but i LOVE kate spade, with the amazing colors hehe, so quirky, and the tommy hilfiger ads have that awesome colorful walk on the rocks

riz said...

I'm surprised that the Longchamp and Miu Miu ads look so similar. I agree about the Dolce ads...ick. They just turn me off. Lots of posturing there...

Anonymous said...