Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Mischa Dress - Not just for summer

OK, I know must of us are preparing our autumn wardrobes but that won't stop me posting about summer dresses, again! Mischa Barton is the undisputed Queen of the Dress. Her red - carpet dress choices, rarely if ever meet criticism. Mischa prefers flowing goddess dresses and bejewelled necklines for formal occasions and is known to appear flawless from the tip of her gold Grecian sandal to the soft curl of her golden hair. Mischa certainly knows how to dress especially how to wear a dress, her favourite wardrobe staple.

The summer dress does not need to thrown to the back of your closet just because crisp autumn air is looming, instead bring the summer into autumn. This summer, I purchased far too many dresses, but contrary to the popular opinion of those around me, I managed to give each of them their fair share of days in the sun, and I'm not finished yet. I'll be wearing my floral tea dresses, graphic prints and colourful patterned dresses well into autumn. The idea is to experiment. Layer dresses over skinny jeans or with thick black tights or be really fashion foreword and team with cable knit tights and lace up booties. For colder days, wear that little summer piece with a black polo neck, tights and belted trench. The options are endless but you'll have a unique look regardless.

Mischa in dresses with autumnal feel

Mischa, who is currently doing some experimenting herself, with her new brown do, has probably the best dress selection going. Her lazy day style is filled with short, shift and tunic dresses generally of a vintage style - crochet, jewels and sequins, floral patterns, off white and square necklines. These are the dresses to be wearing and can be worn all year round, even in autumn.

Mischa's summer dresses, prove her style to be both impeccable and effortless

Since Mischa, in my opinion, wears the dresses we all should be wearing, here's my pick of Mischa style dresses, and yes they're autumnal suited too!

Bring that Mischa dress into autumn -


la petite fashionista said...

mischa definitely pulls off the dress unlike anyone else. Love your trips from bringing summer dresses into fall. We have really mild winters in fall so i love layering my dresses over tights :)


coco said...

one reason i love mischa so much is that she wears a lot of dresses
i love the feathered one, its like a mini version of penelope cruises oscar dress

penelope said...

i love mischa!! she's always fab! loved the dresses u featured(:

anyhow thanks for d comment(: haha post a pic of u working the pink tights then!!


riz said...

Mischa is gorgeous...And ps - I like how you balance the celeb stuff with fashion stuff on your blog. It's a great mix...

discothequechic said...

This is such a great post-your blog is definitely becoming one of my "satisfying reads"!

You're so right about all the different ways of updating summer dresses for winter-you pretty much listed all the things I did last year, so yeah, conincidence. I got so much wear out of dresses last winter, and I intend to do the same again, especially because layering makes everything so much more exciting.

Mischa is looking so great at the moment, I think. (You might be able to tell from my last two posts. Just maybe.) Especially love her in that metallic dress and headband.

S xx

LML said...

mischa has def become one of my style icons -i love how she wears dresses all day and night and yet can make a single piece of so clothing look so individual and creative... i really like her new hair too!

Katie said...

I just started reading the book like sunday (I have had a busy month) But what I have read so for is fantastic. So I do recommend it C:

Ana said...

thank you for your lovely comment. anways mischa has such a whimsical yet grounded taste in vintage dresses. i would wear all of her them. and good bit about updating dresses because thats something i love to do-add a chunky knit, opaque tights or skinnies to a printed summer shift.

Tru said...

I almost bought a bewjeled dress in H&M yesterday like the one mischa is wearing in the first pic

Anonymous said...

I do love mischa's personal style, especially alot of the dresses she wears. I've been living in dresses this summer, and wondering how to bring them into fall, so great post!

alexgirl said...

I agree. Mischa has great taste in dresses. I know most people find her irritating, but I think her style is rockin'!
I have been obsessed with dress shopping lately. Thanks for the new ideas!!

donna AND navaz said...

Great tips, keep em coming!

Cris Lazoru said...

Oh. My. God. I'm in love with this post! I want to marry it! I worship Mischa and you picked such good pics! Loved it all,


Kira Fashion said...

Mischa has a great taste of fashion...she is always so fresh and beautiful! Amazing!

a kiss

Alison said...

Mischa definitely has a thing for dresses, but can you blame her? She looks fantastic in every single one!

Jennifer said...

she's a style queen and she knows it.

jackie ♥ said...

ohhh i love this entry. those dresses are amazing. wodnerful job.

Naroniel said...

I love all Mischa dresses. :)
I just fall in love with every single one. So pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love the second dress she was wearing.

jadorevogue said...

I'm in love with the first dress in the post.
Mischa has great style, and I love her new hair color :)

Ps. Thanks for the comment! I was thinking if we could trade links? I'm gonna link you now, just let me now if that's not okay.

Anonymous said...

mischa looks great in all of these photos, she really does have more on days then off ones! good finds to match hers, and let me know how your experiment in wearing your summer frocks in the fall works outs, i have that issue too!

Anonymous said...