Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Globe Trotter

Balenciaga had one of the most popular runway collections this autumn, and subsequently inspired the uber-edgy trend - Boho - tec. Yet some how, Boho - tec has been left behind amid the 1940's, shades of berry and luxe leather, begging the question - Have we shunned Boho - tec?

The august edition of British Vogue featured a fascinating editorial entitled To the Ends of the Earth. The shoot captured in Papua new Guinea, displayed an eccentric concoction of colourful tribal clothes and western extravagances, creating the same global mix seen on Balenciaga's a/w runway. Boho - tec is all about contrast, mixture and clashing. Balenciaga have created a truly unique collection that entertains a wide spectrum of different influences - campus chic, country club, old European military, desert trek, Russian winter furs, African prints, Oriental silks and hippy tie- dye patterns. The look celebrates the travelling bohemian; multi culture in fashion.

Balenciaga a/w does multi - cultural chic

Boho - tec may be Bohemian or 'Boho' but it is a far cry from 'Boho's' last outing of the white tiered Gypsy skirts and fur gilets of Sienna Miller circa 2005. To achieve Boho's newest incarnation study the runway of Balenciaga. The key pieces of Balenciaga's Boho - tec include -

  • The Blazer, seen in every colour from cream to pink and purple pinstripe, aswell as tweed
  • Beige Jodhpurs - the latest trouser shape
  • Polo necks especially blazoned with horizontal stripes
  • Tights in colours of muted grey and brilliant azure blue
  • Palestinian scarfs
  • Winter coats bound with a chunky belt
  • Military Jackets
  • Silk patterned scarf dresses
  • A- symmetrical frilled printed skirts
  • Chunky, uber - modern shoe or sandal
  • Primary and bright colours
Want Boho - tec to come to your wardrobe? Simple. Mix and match is the key. Bought a patterned, satin dress in spring? Wear this over a striped tee and grey tights with a chunky wedge. Or perhaps, wear a polo neck jumper with a blazer, scarf and high sandals with grey stockings. Make sure to clash patterns and prints, colours and texture, and hey presto, you're a globe trotter.

The Blazer -

The Dress -
The Top -

The Trouser and Skirt

The Coat - Accessorise -

Boho - tec - not for the faint hearted.


LML said...

i am loving all the fall fashion and i think balenciaga did it the best! i will def be using their collection as inspiration!

penelope said...

wow great post!!! haha u always manage to source for fab look alikes and all!!

anyhow thanks for d comment(: haha!
we haf great super pwr=p


Kira Fashion said...

Amazing looks from Balenciaga you picked! i am already usind that amazing Handkerchief!

a kiss


Thanks for passing!

Diana Coronado said...

Soo girly.
It's lovely!! great!!

la petite fashionista said...

I loved the boho trend a couple summers ago i'm happy to see it come back in a new form


satin pump said...

balenciaga represents for me the perfection !! nicolas guesqhiere is one of the best!!

Alison said...

I loved the balenciaga show, the pink blazer in the first pic is awesome

a. said...

fabulous blog, love. xx

Anonymous said...

i love the colours in the balenciaga show! im loving the glbe trotter style this fall.

great blog btw!

Cris Lazoru said...

Oh I love this post! Nicolas show was my favorite this season. I'm in love with it! Great post!


muze1990 said...

Great post :)! Ofcourse I wanna exchange links, put your right up in the my list!

Kira Fashion said...

as i said before, i loved all balenciaga winter collection!

a kiss

Anonymous said...

I am loving blazers for fall..and i love all the new twists designers are putting on them to update them. Great post!

G.G. said...

Excellent post--I love that first pink jacket. This post must have taken you HOURS! Much appreciated :)

fashionistakay said...

I love how Balenciaga is semi-preppy and semi-sporty.
p.s.check out my latest post!

Amy said...

love it!

WendyB said...

Oooh, I love the pink blazer.

Jennifer said...

I love the second blue jacket at the very top I wish it was mine!

Anonymous said...

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