Sunday, August 5, 2007

C'est Belle!

I am the first to admit that my fashion sense is completely OTT, I constantly underestimate the beauty of simplistic dressing. Brigitte Bardot is one of my favourite simplistic fashion icons. Her style was simple, youthful and chic, but chic in away that never included dowdy, unflattering items. French women are renowned for their great fashion sense and Bardot was no different. Being naturally very beautiful, she alluded glamour in her sensational looks - thick flaxen - blonde hair, skyscraper cheekbones, pouting lips and an unrivalled pin - up girl figure - tiny waist and mile - high legs, indeed Bardot would look good in anything.

The Beautiful Bardot

Her style embodies the French approach to dressing. Feminine, elegant and largely very simple, but always very seductive. Brigitte dressed to flatter her figure and not steal from her beauty, but to add to it. A- line skirts, often denim or with frilled layers, simple peasant tops, usually falling below her shoulders, waist belts, ballerina flats, patterns of candy stripes and gingham, high waisted skirts and shorts, capri trousers, head scarfs, hooped earrings and delicate knits. The flirtatious look was finished with heavy eyeliner and nude lips and of course, her hair, loose in tousled waves. No adornments, just natural beauty and great style.
In the Style of Brigitte


donna AND navaz said...

Yummy! Nice to see a different fashion icon for a change. How do you do those scrapbooky layouts? Is it Photoshop?


LML said...

great post!
i always look to her for hair inspiration!

penelope said...

great style icon!! everyone's always obsessed wif audrey hepburn; who is indeed a great icon all on her own! but there're definitely others too!

very inspired by your post: would u mind if i do one on Grace Kelly too? i love that lady with whom the Birkin was inspired after!!

loved the clothes which u've featured! fabbest!

anyhow, thanks for d comment(:
the donuts were real yummy=p
(alright and no, i DID NOT finish all 9of them=p)

ps/ sorry, am a lil long winded here=p

Jennifer said...

I love her style when she was young but she is a terrible person now, she's very racist you should see the stuff about her on wiki, not too flattering. shame.

penelope said...

wow really?? cool.. hmm, then u shall do d grace kelly one? do it as a series thing!! haha

i love grace kelly

coco said...

i love the get the look collages
you have found some nice peices that are very bardot style

sara said...

Wow those looks are just like hers.

x sara o

**would love to exchange links

satin pump said...

brigit bardot was a fashion icon.

Kira Fashion said...

Bardot is really amazing, show great is look to the past and see how these amazing women were! and so actuall, inded!

a kiss

Jennifer said...

Glad you checked out the wiki, she was quite beautiful in her day though, shame shame.

Teresa said...

God I wants me some Brigitte Bardot hair. I won't mind having some of her "je na se quoi" (can't spell french well) too.

G.G. said...

Love Brigitte Bardot! Great feature Kat!

Lyndsy said...

bonjour, I'm months later but I googled Brigitte Bardot hair and this came up. I love your post, especially since you also added pix of her outfits. It's the type of style I adore!!!
I'm definitely going to check back to this blog.

Anonymous said...

She had an amazing style.Yeah people talk about Audrey Hepburn but i prefer Brigitte'style which was sexier,much more casual and modern...
Love the way she used to wear make up and her hairstyles.She is the best fashion icon to me.

E.L said...

I also think that BB has such beautiful style. She has been my idol from a v.young age, - now 21. It is rare that I come across other people who like her style too. Her make-up is divine and her choice of clothing was always right. I like the compilation that you have put together here, Especially the stripy T =)
Good choice everyone! get in touch if anyone loves Vintage Clothing and doesn't mind someone talking forever about it haha.

Anonymous said...