Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A/W Accessorising Part III - Super Size My Clutch

Way back at the beginning of July, when I began this blog,(The beginning of July probably does not mean 'way back' for some of you veteran bloggers! Forgive me!) I posted about Clutches. This summer I fell in love with the Clutch. I just love the feminine Grace Kelly touch they add to an ensemble or the kitsch quirk they bring to a regular outfit. Without a doubt I will be continuing my love affair with the Clutch this autumn/winter but with a twist. Well not so much a 'twist' but a size enlargement.

Yes, that cute little bejewelled clutch, still wrapped in tissue paper since the last time you used it for a formal ball, is not exactly what I hand in mind. I'm talking about those vast, spacious, super - sized Clutches, the ones you spotted on the runways of Louis Vuitton(top right and left), Prada and Fendi. The over sized Clutch is The Musthave. The high heeled Oxford and the beret are all very nice and fashionable, but the oversized Clutch is my favourite of all. It exudes glamour and sophistication and something of the Dynasty 80's opulence. Suitable for both day and night, how could your wardrobe exist without one?

The huge Clutches of glistening gold metal plates at Louis Vuitton(top right), certainly mark this trend as cutting edge. Prada displayed striking Clutches of mixed fabrics - grey tinged fur and maroon suede(left), ruched satin in shades of creamy gold and moss green. Fendi's runway was festival of different Clutches. Curved, gathered clutches of coloured wools, sequins, garish colours, soft textured leathers and frivolous feathers were seen to the delight of those with a handbag fetish.
What can be gathered from these runways is that bold, heavily decorated and embellished, statement Clutches of vast dimensions, is the bag of the season.

Roomy Prada Clutches

Loud Fendi Clutches prove the Super Clutch to be an ostentatious trend

A large Clutch brings your daywear to a fashion foreword place and makes evening wear fun and quirky rather then up tight grandeur. Lux crocodile skin exterior, as seen at Etro, Michael Kors and Versace(right) is the last word in Clutch fashion. Extravagant and flamboyant, the super sized Clutch is the great beginning of the perfect a/w wardrobe.

Crocodile skin clutches at Michael Kors and Versace


Allure said...

I have a small collection of clutches I love. Not very comfortable for the daywear, though.

Kira Fashion said...

wow! that Clutches are amazing!!!
i already have mine, from Zara...hehehe

a kiss

Anonymous said...

hehe, you're right i only really use clutches for events, but in oversize they are a definite must-have and functional! love the sequined prada one

Amy said...

i want to get a clutch now!!!

LML said...

yet another great post!
Clutches = love, however im not into that fuzzy one
that graphic one towards the ends, however, is DIVINE!

lluviaschick said...

i´m not really into clutches and in general I´m not really into jewel-bags... but I have a few of them

Jennifer said...

I love a good clutch all the ones you selected are fabulous!

penelope said...

clutches are so pretty!! loved those tt u've selected(: they were fab!

anyhow thanks for d comment(: haha! totally agreed wif wht u've said!


muze1990 said...

Aaah that MJ one is just loveable! And I like the bigger one's waay much, then the small tiny one's. You can only put your lipgloss and some cash money in there..

Daphne said...

oh i love clutches!i just found a vintage botega venetta one in camden it's just lovely!

Anonymous said...

I love that fendi voodoo clutch(I think that's the name for it).The one with all the fuzzy stuff on the sides of it making it look humongous.

The bright multicolored one colors reminds me of a toy cloth ball I had when I was little that jingled when you shook it :)

dianabobar said...

Hey sweety!
I just gave you a Rockin' Girl badge. See more on my blog.

Aisha said...

Clutches are nice but they seem to have very limited space, which means i can't carry a lot as i love to do =). On ther other hand, oversized clutches are as pretty as normal sized clutches and more tstuff can fit in there =D=D. Anyways love both.

I think i saw pictures of jessica simpson wearing the conodrile blue clutch, it looked sooo pretty.


Anonymous said...

wow that fendi clutch is to die for!

coco said...

i love clutchs but i know if i took one out i would put it down somewhere and loose it
im dreaming of a fushia moc croc one

LML said...

I left something for you on my blog! :-)

Shopaholic D said...

that blue clutch is beautiful!

:) D

satin pump said...

cluth is great as your blog!!
I love!!

kiss from france

by satin-pump!

Michelle O'Connor said...

I absolutely loved your post! I fell head over heals for louis vuittons fabulous oversized clutches! They bring a touch of class to even the simplest of outfits-if only I could afford one!

Anonymous said...