Thursday, August 16, 2007

A/W Accessorising Part 1 - Seasonal Shoes

This is the first in a series of autumn/winter accessorising trends. Let's face it, it's the accessories that make or break and outfit and as well as that, accessories can bring your look bang up to date without you having to remortgage anything or take part in any illegal activity involving bank vaults, you and a balaclava. Additionally accessories also mean that the reluctant among us, who are unwilling to wear any of the following items - jodhpurs, feather skirts, leather dresses and super, super maxi sized scarfs a la Giles, can still be on trend with their up to date, 'stop you in the street cool' accessories. Oh, and if those excuses aren't enough I HEART accessories and this is my blog, so... let the fun begin.

Undoubtedly, the shoe of the season is the high - heeled oxford/ lace up shoe boot(see left at Burberry Prorsum), which I have posted about before (see Lace Yourself), but none the less, are worthy of a second mention. What I love about the high - heeled Oxford is their versatility. They can be worn with jeans, skirts and dresses, and still fit the bill. They're suitable for all occasions and can be worn for a large chunk of the year. The shoe of the season can be worn with all the big trends too - trench coats, belted skirts, oversized sweaters, probably even jodhpurs! Let loose with as many 'Ker - razy' colours, textures and styles as you want - I'm thinking patent, metallics and purple suede. The high - heeled oxford - multi - purpose fashion.

The dream High heeled Oxford/ Lace up - Christian Louboutin

In other shoe news, I've noticed an influx in the black patent, round toe, high heeled shoe, everywhere; and why not. Black and patent are a classic combination and just so happen to go with everything. And the round toe? Well by far, the most flattering shoe shape, but will also co ordinate delightfully with your 1940s skirt suit and pencil skirts, or maybe just your sequined mini dress. Either way your legs will look longer and slimmer then ever.
At Yves Saint Laurent(right), Fendi and Lanvin , we see the softer pointed toe, a pared point if you wish, and is definitely the new shoe shape. Added extras such as ankle straps and bands and ribbons, as seen at Peter Som(left), are all welcome too, and slingbacks are proving a popular theme also.. Last year, we were obsessed with the peep toe platform Louboutin style heel. Although must definitely feminine and very sexy, make way for it's more demure sister.

The Dream black patent heel - Christian Louboutin

In other shoe news the chunky, towering heel as seen at Chloe and Prada, is a trend to look out for too. Very edgy and tricky to pull off but when right can look uber - cool. Cone heels are making a revival too and laces are a major trend. As ever boots are in for winter, classic knee highs or hardware boots complete with buckles, zips and studs, depict the contrast of this season's runway.

Super chunky Prada shoe
The Dream -(although not exactly mine) chunky shoe - Robert Clergerie

Not exactly my dream shoe but the quintessential boot of the season - Marc Jacobs

Finally, I just have to mention this shoe by Moschiono Cheap and Chic, which I just love. Definitely over the top, it embodies many of the key shoe trends this season - ribbons, laces, patent as well as being a peep toe shoe boot, as such, reminiscent of the Balenciaga toe less boots. And of course it's purple, the colour of the season.

The Ultimate Dream Shoe of the Season

Chunky heel, soft toe and black patent, Marc by Marc Jacobs


donna AND navaz said...

Ooh can I nick 'pared point'? Perfect description. Hating those Prada chunksters, they are SO ugly! Didn't like the high heeled oxfords but they're growing on me. Fashion's funny like that, no?


Amy said...

cute shoes! i almost splurged and bought the christian louboutin shoe boot when it came out but checked myself just in time(; thanks for stopping by!

LML said...

awesome post! i am loving the oxford booties - especially those moschiono purple ones!

...and i agree with you on the marc jacobs boots lol

Anonymous said...

awesome post! i love oxfords and patent leather, i need to find some good ones soon, but everything is so expensive, ugg! oh well some discount will prevail that or i may just have to fork the cash over, but trust me,it'll be worth it!

btw, thanks for checking out my blog! yours is great, would you like to trade links?

coco said...

loved this post!
i am a shoe addict and you have picked some stunning pairs, im going to come back and read it again when i have more time haha

Jennifer said...

The high heeled oxfords are so dreamy! I want a pair of them so badly, hopefully my feet can handle them i'm not a heel wearing girl!

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love the shoes i need to buy some i have like none

discothequechic said...

Thanks, yeah, I've been pretty excited, working behind the scenes on this feature!

Completely agree about the boringness of nu rave. I was a fan at first, but the novelty v e r y quickly wore off.

I love this post, it made me laugh, with the balaclava references, ha. There are so many fantastic shoes this season, I'm in love with most of them.. The MJ skater boots, the prada heels (hoorahh, Nine West ripoffs!) and the oxford, of course.

Love, love this blog so much at the moment!

S xx

Anonymous said...

I love the purple moschino shoes. I definetly need a pair of lace up oxford heels for fall...

Allure said...

I heart chunky shoes, and I really like the effect of oxfords with skinny jeans(they are not over, not yet! :)

Kira Fashion said...

Shoes are the fashion want for all women, even that ones who doesnt fallow that laboutin are really a dream... a kiss

Gina said...

I never have enough of them! Those are some beautiful shoes!

Gina said...

I never have enough of them! Those are some beautiful shoes!

-ciao bella- said...

love this post! great picks for boots- i want them all! especially those patent christian loubotins!

Juliet said...

oh, great post. I am at the moment in desperate need of new shoes so this was great.

miss vintage love said...

Oh the shoes, the shoes!!
So many! I don't even know where to look!

riz said...

LOVE that prada show!! Its getting a lot of press...

Foxy said...

Those are GORGEOUS shoes

Anonymous said...

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