Thursday, July 26, 2007

Veil Virtues

I recently spotted Lily Allen with a veiled hairpiece, at the launch of her Lily Loves Collection. Since then I have been somewhat lusting after a similar piece. I just love the drama and old ladylike elegance of a veil shielding your face. It is so glamorous yet if worn the right way it can be really fashion foreword, rather then, as you may have thought, seem as though you are going to a wedding!

Lily, classic elegance with a modern twist

As everyone knows by now the forties is the theme of the upcoming season and indeed the veiled hairpiece/hat echos the mysterious and sensual glamour of Femme Fatales like Veronica Lake and Lauren Bacall as well as the graceful, grown - up elegance of fifties starlets, like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Fashion should be just as much about fun as about style, and I think if you are confident enough to pull this look off, then you are truly fashionable. I love the vintage feel of these pieces, how they evoke the sophistication of Hollywood's golden years.

The glamour of Audrey

After a browse on EBay, I spotted some fabulous pieces. They are so chic yet embody fashion risk taking. My advice is wear them with class, perhaps with other 40's/50's style pieces but at the same time make sure there is a modern touch like a shabby belt, long necklace or oversized handbag, as it is never a good look to seem as though you just walked off a movie set! The final hat from H&M is my love!

EBay delights

The reason why we love H&M


penelope said...

haha great blog as usual!!
yer, d veil is jus tricky.. confidendce is key, i guess? haha!
so, are u up for it??

penelope said...

haha if u ever wore a veil, be sure to post it here!!


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love that u featured veiled pillbox glamorous :]