Monday, July 23, 2007

The supple metallic lining amid all that poor taste

I have had a serious addiction for a while now. A magpie tendency, I guess. Drawn to all things metallic; glinting silver, gleaming bright. Metallics in fashion though can regularly equal disaster, or even worse, a slave to fashion, but that is all but the metallic handbag.

To love or loathe, the Metallic Bag

This weekend, whilst on a trip away, I purchased yet another lustrous, metallic bag. A clutch, of course, why, what else this season! It was cheap and probably will only last a few months before I banish it to the nest of burnt - out bags, but still I was pleased. Unfortunately, metallic handbags, are one of those items destined to be hideous, and indeed they often are. High street chains produce tacky metallic handbag after tacky metallic handbag, in between the production of tacky metallic braid belts, that is. For the crimes against handbags, that these stores commit, all metallic handbags have been burdened with a bad name.

With metallic bags as fabulous as this Chloe Paddington, how can they all be tacky?

In my possession, I have the most beautiful and may I sat useful, large metallic shoulder bag. Supple, silver leather, so soft it could have been mistaken for suede, a drawstring tassel complete with this seasons handbag - must - fringing with the rich addition of a royal - blue, satin interior. The moment I saw this bag I had to have it. And I did, after all I couldn't leave this ethereal Nine West bag, that was on sale, behind. For all the hideous metallic bags you see out there, think of this one, for it's the supple silver lining amid all those tacky clouds.

In the world of high fashion, the king of the metallic bag is Marc Jacobs. He obviously shares a common magpie tendency with me! Whilst browsing on Net-a-Porter, I spotted this Anya Hindmarch hobo, that is so tacky and in-your-face glam, that it is almost irresistible. Is it possible that this luminous calamity is so bad it's good?

Anya Hindmarch 'Beverly' bag
Marc Jacobs aubergine metallic 'Stam' Tote

High Street Hits -

Topshop pewter metallic tote

Burnished gold, Miss Selfridge Metallic carry-all

Something for that very special occasion-

Erva Metallic Clutch,


Anonymous said...

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penelope said...

haha metallics are pretty!! but i guess, cluctches wud be a better "investment"

hehe, thanks for d comment!!!

Kira Fashion said...

I am with you, i do love too silver metallic!
But i just have a bels and a pair of sandals, both are not too there is a while that i dont use it.

But silver metallic for bags are the best cool!
You are so right!

a kiss

fashionistakay said...

The second to last bag is my fav.! Its funnny it seems that a lot of people are posting about bags, probably b/c there are so many ads in mags that show them. (more than the usual). I myself posted about should check it out!

Tru said...

link away in fact I'll return the favor. i'll link you as soon as I get back today. i have to go out for a little while

Emily ♥ said...

Metallic handbags are the best. They are so in right now! (:

fashionistakay said...

Hey I'm the blogger from THOUGHTS OF A FASHIONISTA, you asked about the first dress of my most recent post. It took a few minutes but I found out the designer's name:Tracy Reese.
FYI I make new posts every Friday.

Elle said...

I love metalic bags but sometimes they r just 2 gaudy like the louis vuitton mirror ones.
omg those scream LOOK AT ME I'M RICH. cough cough paris hilton.
it would b hard for me 2 believe MJ designed that when his metallic stam bags are incredible.

Anonymous said...

i like metallic, but it seems like very few people do it right with all the cheap metallic bag knock offs you see people wearing these days..those bags are gorgeous though

Dana said...

OMG! They're gorgeous!! I'll put them on my wishlist :)

Anonymous said...