Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Return to Old Glamour

My favourite red carpet look of late, is one of Kate Bosworth, at The Costume Institutes's Party of the Year. The event which was filled with fabulous, over - the - top dresses; frills, flounces beads, sequins, but the show was stolen by the sublimely styled Kate.

Kate, who previously I would have considered a good but safe dresser, really shone in a spectacular Prada cocktail, bubble hem dress. The platinum silk gown that was free from all other embellishments other then it's eye - catching, puffball hem, was dressed up beautifully with gold accessories.
Kate looking every inch the screen siren in Prada

What really won this look over for me, was the attention to detail. As a lover of 1930's Hollywood glamour, I was delighted to see a much loved style era of mine makes it's way on to the red carpet. Her peroxide blonde hair is sculpted into a 1930's wave, scarlet lips and diamond earrings allow an uncanny resemblance to Femme Fatale Carole Lombard. Now, that's what I call glamour.

The Impeccable Glamour of Carole Lombard


Anonymous said...

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