Thursday, July 19, 2007

Print of Approval

I seems to me that I'm getting a bit ahead of myself with all this talk of autumn and winter fashion, I'm forgetting that it's actually summer outside and we're in July rather then November! This year was the year of the dress. The spring/summer runways made way for floaty romanticism; gossamer and lace and delicate frills, allowed for ethereal, classical inspired dresses. But, the runways also bore a bolder dress. The Pucci print. I'm not much of a fan of psychedelia patterns, in all their rainbow vibrancy, although the high - street evoked the print's of Pucci everywhere. The print for me this summer, is the ditsy floral, scattered among delicate tea dresses, a sort of combination of the latter two, the best of both worlds.

Kate Moss blooming fabulous in teal floral
Kate Moss has always been a fan of blossom-dotted dresses, as are many other celebrities including Sienna Miller and Mischa Barton. What's great about them is that, they can be worn almost all year round. In spring, with pumps and a cropped jacket, wedges or gladiators and a waist coat for frolicking amid the summer sunshine and with skinny jeans or thick tights and boots in autumn. No girl's closet should exist without a generous helping of these vintage inspired frocks.

Mischa sweet in sugary pink floral

Ashley Simpson mystical in midnight-black floral

Sienna, darling in daisies
The 40's is autumn and winter. Practically every trend is 40's esque - belts, the clutch, skirt suit, fur, military, hourglass silhouette, embellishments, the list goes on. In my opinion, there is something mildly 40's in the fragile - flower patterns of the tea dress.
Here's some delightful floral frocks suitable for any tea - party.

Topshop £35/ €53

Urban Outfitters £19 /$39/ €28

Asos £25 / €37

Miss Selfridge £35 /€53

Miss Selfridge £35/€53

Miss Selfridge £32/ €48
Summer is not over yet, there is still plenty of fun to be had. Take my advice and enjoy your summer even more, for there is just something special about spending leisurley days beneath azure skies, in pretty, floral dresses.


Alison said...

Sienna looks adorable, and I must have that first Miss Selfridge dress, its so gorgeous <3
fab blog!

Alison said...

ya I'd love to trade links, your blog is awesome

Ana said...

very cute. love floral prints. i have a great dress of the sort thats actually from target. sienna looks cute and i like what kate is wearing.

LML said...

great post!
i too am dreaming about fall/winter fashions in the 80 degree weather
and i always love mischa barton's floral minidresses and i want that uo dress :)

kate said...

thanks for the comment. love all the dresses you posted!

That Fashionista said...

Oh my lord, I love Mischa's dress!

penelope said...

haha omg i love kate moss's dress!!! she shd actually do tt kinda designs for topshop!! haha plaids are so so preppy i love dem!!!

wht do u think of black leather biker jacks wif bright florals?? shd be awesome eh?

Kira Fashion said...

all dresses are so beautiful and happy!

a kiss

thanks for passing!

have a nice day!

MissGigi said...

thank you for
the comment
you are so lovely
as well as your blog :)
keep it up ill be
checking it out♥

London Fashion Girl said...

Mischa and Sienna look great

check out my blog and leave a comment

alexgirl said...

I love Sienna's dress! And Ashlee's too. Great post. And I love your blog!!

coco said...

great post
i loved kate in that dress, and mischa looks amazing too
i really like your header and i will link you as soon as i get back from holidaying, although u may need to remind me!

Anonymous said...

yesterday i bought a black trench and a winter coat that i fell in love with - so yes i'm very ahead of myself - especially considering last year it wasnt even coat weather in NYC until the end of October.
Great dresses though -

Kira Fashion said...

Twiggy is one of the bests of all times!!

a kiss
thanks for passing!!!!


Anonymous said...

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