Sunday, July 29, 2007

Peaches Geldof, who?

Move over Peaches, there's a new young, effortlessly cool, Brit fashionista around, who just so happens to have rock and roll in her blood too. Daisy Lowe, daughter of Pearl Lowe of Powder fame and the infamous 'wife swapping' fiasco, and Gavin Rossdale; yes Gwen Stefani's hubby; is the latest fashion savvy, London darling, to have us copying her style.

Unlike Peaches, who admittedly does pull off the 'Kate Moss, hippy - rock chick' thing very well, Daisy has her own style. It can be laid back and sloppy, just as Peaches' can but there is definitely something original there. This, of course, combined with her rather striking, Gothic looks - tangled raven hair, huge, dark almond eyes, makes Ms. Lowe a style icon in the making.

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The Fashion highs of Lowe 

Her style is vintage, rock chick but with little homage to the queen of rock chicks - Kate. The look is defined by lace, vintage tea dresses with square necklines, slogan tees, cream knits, thick black tights, waist belts and t - bar and court shoes, especially red. Make - up and accessories are kept to a minimum but her own individuality is seen heavily in her image. Coincidentally, Daisy is making a name for her self in the modelling industry, what with modelling her mother's collection (which is stocked at Neiman Marcus, Saks and Liberty) and spreads in British and Italian Vogue as well as W magazine, the 18 year old is also hinted to be the new face of Agent Provocateur, which of course was Moss' gig.


Kira Fashion said...

I did not know about that amazing fashionist Daisy!

she is so cool!

a kiss

penelope said...

wow, i havent even heard of her b4! but her style is so fab!! haha
great post!!

anyhow, thanks for yr comment! CLUELESS IS fab!!


sara said...

Oh wow, I like her style a bunch!

and agree Keira really does have an amazing style.

x sara o

*love your blog header

cotton candy said...

like her style. mmmm...^^

Tru said...

wonderful post. how I do adore rocker chic

alexgirl said...

Tres fabulous. She's got great style, and she's adorable! Thanks for the tip.

coco said...

i think it is fair to say daisy lowe dresses a lot better than boring and annoying peaches

discothequechic said...

I lovve Daisy Lowe. I used to love Peaches too, but these days I think she looks like everyone else and is a little boring.

And Diasy just seems so much more fresh, which is ironic, seeing as they're friends.

What do you think of her on this month's i-D cover? I'm not sure about it...

And it turns out that Maggie Gyllenhaal is going to be the face of Agent Provocateur, which I think is a wise move.

S xx

stilettostetico said...

She looks like a classy Cory Kennedy : obviously with a ocean of Chic and Coolness . . . Trendy and refreshing, charming and sculptural : a new Icon is really born.

Cordially, Antoine.

donna AND navaz said...

MUCH prefer her to Peaches!


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Anonymous said...

Super fug. Peaches is fug, Daisy is fug. Its amazing the lowered standards of an attractive appearance across the pond.

Anonymous said...